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Went on the website today to look for the buffalo check cpo shirt. The are advertising it as final sale but the 30% off code doesn't work. I asked the SA and she said it is an error and it isn't final sale. Kinda annoyed, I won't pay $188 for it but I really like that shirt and can't find a similar style anywhere for the price. Does anyone here have for a S or XS who wants to part with it?
Really? Where?
Well looks like all they have left is a small in the buffalo check CPO shirt and its 25% off final sale, can't decide if I should kop it. I wear an XS in shirting.
I have the thinsulate version and yeah it's much better for winter. I never tried the non thinsulate version because my local store only had the version with thinsulate which I was going to get anyway.
I'm on the fence about purchasing the W/B Buffalo check CPO shirt. I really want a heavy overshirt and I really dig the buffalo check, does anyone here have experience with it? I think one person had it and thought the wool was too rough. I snoozed on the last sale, think they'll have another soon?
Get the bayswater peacoat. I have it and I love it. It's sturdy and warm, definitely spring for the thinsulate version. I'm 5'8" and I have an XS.
Found it in the sale section, they must have just put it up.
I can't find that green gingham anywhere, I want that shirt bad. I haven't able to find it in store or online.
Are you guys going to do a restock on the Indy Chromexcel anytime soon?
In thge market for some Indy's and I've narrowed it down to the 405 Chromexcel or the original 403 Indy, any thoughts on which one I should go with? I like both but I can't get both.
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