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Looking for a Visvim 101 or 102 jacket in size 4. Primarily looking for a damaged denim or cord, but willing to entertain all models. I have funds ready to buy...just message me and lets see if we can get something done.
DP sorry
Selling my Flyknit racers that I've only worn twice; just weren't my thing. This colorway in the racer has been long soldout at nike online and brick and mortar stores. Feel free to message me with any questions $130 shipped within the USA
Hey about to place an order, but wanted to confirm my feelings on sizing and hope you guys can confirm my thoughts. In Alden Hampton last I wear US 10 In Barrie last boot i wear a US 9 1/2 In most tennis shoes (Nike, Asics, etc) i wear a US 10 1/2 If I'm getting a shoe built on the Country 4444 last I should go with a UK 8 1/2 or UK 9? Any input would be helpful just want to solidify my decision. Thanks for the help in advanced guys much appreciated.
Hey sorry if I'm dumb and missing it...I was wondering if anyone has had the luxury of taking fit pics in the new suiting MA-1 jackets? I saw the stock pics on the TOJ tumblr, but was hoping to see someone wearing it.
Hey figured I'd bump up this build see if we can get the final two
Hey guys just thought I'd pop in and give yall a heads up I'm trying to do a MTO run similar to the LS for denim build we have decent interest in the MTO order thread so far, but looking for a couple more people to jump on board...Just PM me if your interested and I can pass the info along.
It's all good Mothball...happy your interested in the build. Just need one or two more takers and we should be good to go. Been talking with SH today sounds like the build time would be standard and our design so far isn't anything they can't handle in terms of combinations. Just making a interest list...let me know if I left you off we are looking to get 6 people on board 1. Boomtime 2. CHRK33 3. qwertgfdsa 4. Mothball 5. 6. Mr. Chorizo?
The Navy Dainite could look really cool I was wanting to do a color, but thought red would be too random for since it was a two tone shoe already the new soles from Pitti solve that issue. We got the interest head count up to 4/6 people in a couple days things are looking good. Once we hit the required 6 people I'll get in contact with shoe healer and get the costs and stuff for the build and hopefully we can get this little MTO rolling.
New Posts  All Forums: