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Have to give my first this coming Friday - not sure what/how to put? Hand deliver? Email? *clueless
Bump for good thread
So word is starting to leak around that I'm leaving...getting some snobby reactions from the more hoity crowd. People starting to come into my office curious....and obviously I don't want to talk about it. Comes with the territory I guess.
"Promotion code "TMPCJE" is unknown"
Its a desert, high temperature for a year is usually something like 115. I will be in a professional environment. Dress is business casual to business formal for work.
I'm moving to a warm weather climate. Lowest monthly average is about 60, highest monthly average is about 105. Any general tips? A lot of cotton suits? Too lazy to search and just didn't want to.
Quote: Originally Posted by bdbb This is a huge mistake unless you don't mind the possibility of being unemployed for a couple months. A lot of times, showing employers the courtesy of providing a longer than 2 week notice will end up with you being dismissed prior to your desired last day. Too high speed to just drop someone in at this point.
Tell me they have good(re: not gucci) shopping in vegas?
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