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I have tried TM Lewin before....had to have them taken in. Have not tried CT, though.
Yes - can you check out my question in post #1453?
What does everyone use for wax polish? I've only used the cream so far. Do people have wax polish that is color specific or just a neutral?
What did you do before you enrolled, if you don't mind my asking?
I have been looking at these exact options as well. Did you end up ordering one?
Regardless of the various online rankings, how to D.C. area B-schools rank in terms of reputation and name weight within the beltway? I have not been in the DC region very long and am just starting to look. I have not decided on whether or not I will go full or part-time. If I go full, I may look out of the area as well, for what it's worth.
If the cut fits you, Benjamin suits (@eHaberdasher) are the best $500 suit on the planet, save some bespoke suit made in an east Asian back alley.
I don't think so. Tasteful juxtaposition done well is what style is all about. Sprezz, even!
AAS wins for making patch pockets look fancy
That is a really good idea.
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