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I would like to send some thank you notes to former colleagues of mine....ideally I would write them by hand, unfortunately my writing looks like that of a a third grader, maybe fourth if I am focusing. Obviously the alternative is to have them typed/printed. Has anyone done this before? Dos? Donts? Any insight is appreciated.
Looking for someone to proxy for me a few sport coats. Please PM me ASAP if youre willing and able. I am in the U.S. on the east coast.
Anyone besides Jeroen willing to proxy? Just looking for others because some of the items are low-stock.Thank you, that is quite helpful. Lucky for me the washintgon in question isn't available a size up, so I'll just take my chances
Can anyone comment on the Washington fit? I'm a 42 in the Sienna and it has very little breathing room but does fit...that's all I've tried on.
Safari with emulator works a little better, but I am only able to see the first 6 items listed, the rest just show a loading circle that's rotating around. I think it has something with flash not working through a proxy. I don't know how to use Safari or Chrome to obscure my location. Still keeps me out using Chrome incognito mode. If we have someone who is really willing to proxy, please PM me
I'm locked out of the outlet based on my IP. Proxies get me to the suits page but I can't sort by size nor go beyond the first 6 suits. Any ideas?
Why not? A lot of guys tuck their ticket pockets in. What's the difference between that and taking it off and finishing the edge.
Take the flap off?
I'm sure this has been covered, but has anyone had the ticket pocket on the sienna taken off? How'd it turn out?
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