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So if you went to buy a pair of trousers from J. Crew, you would be ok with a small but obvious stain on the fabric or a pull on the stitching simply because they are J. Crew and not Tom Ford?
Likely true. Also likely why AE isn't terribly overly concerned with what is said here.
It's not being sensitive. Anything new on the commercial market from a large company should be 99+% perfect. The price difference between AE and Vass shouldn't be sloppiness or poor quality control. I don't expect to buy a Honda with door dings from the factory because it isn't the price of a Bentley. I expect the price difference to be in the actual quality of product, not the company's ability to execute manufacturing and put a product out the door that is free of...
They don't inspect them before they go out the door. That's how. I'm waiting on my third replacement Carlyles.
Sorry about that. I didn't include an image of the welt. You can look back through my posts in this thread to see the image of the first pair I ordered, though. They had the same welt issue but didn't have any streaks.
Sorry, I don't know what happened with the image.Again, the light makes these lines look much lighter, the are much more prominent and noticeable in person. I understand that with burnishing there will be some markings...but these lines directly follow stitching.
Please tell I being too picky here after spending $385 on these? That is a lot of money (for me). This is the second pair I have received. The first had a gash near the welt connect...this one has the same thing but at least they filled it with comes off with just a finger nail though. Then there is the issue with these, the 2nd pair, in the above photo. You can see there are two dark lines going from bottom-left to upper-right, both near the...
Can anyone comment on how to polish bobs chili? It seems that there is some burnishing on the toe, or at least it is a distinct/darker color - I quite like it. I don't want to lose that by polishing it out with chili colored cream. Any pointers?
No, it isn't right. I wear about what I should in the Napoli and Sienna. Washington I may even have to size up.
Damn. I had 5 items I wanted 3 hours ago and now all but 1 are gone. FML.
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