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They don't inspect them before they go out the door. That's how. I'm waiting on my third replacement Carlyles.
Sorry about that. I didn't include an image of the welt. You can look back through my posts in this thread to see the image of the first pair I ordered, though. They had the same welt issue but didn't have any streaks.
Sorry, I don't know what happened with the image.Again, the light makes these lines look much lighter, the are much more prominent and noticeable in person. I understand that with burnishing there will be some markings...but these lines directly follow stitching.
Please tell me....am I being too picky here after spending $385 on these? That is a lot of money (for me). This is the second pair I have received. The first had a gash near the welt connect...this one has the same thing but at least they filled it with polish...it comes off with just a finger nail though. Then there is the issue with these, the 2nd pair, in the above photo. You can see there are two dark lines going from bottom-left to upper-right, both near the...
Can anyone comment on how to polish bobs chili? It seems that there is some burnishing on the toe, or at least it is a distinct/darker color - I quite like it. I don't want to lose that by polishing it out with chili colored cream. Any pointers?
No, it isn't right. I wear about what I should in the Napoli and Sienna. Washington I may even have to size up.
Damn. I had 5 items I wanted 3 hours ago and now all but 1 are gone. FML.
I would like to send some thank you notes to former colleagues of mine....ideally I would write them by hand, unfortunately my writing looks like that of a a third grader, maybe fourth if I am focusing. Obviously the alternative is to have them typed/printed. Has anyone done this before? Dos? Donts? Any insight is appreciated.
Looking for someone to proxy for me a few sport coats. Please PM me ASAP if youre willing and able. I am in the U.S. on the east coast.
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