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I have a problem with the bolded part.
I cut off my 6+ month growth beard a month or so ago. Personally, I like the stark contrast of the out of control wild man beard with sharp and current business attire. It seems like the contradiction of style between the two make both more interesting.
I've been waiting well over a year for new colors in 44R. Sadly, I've given up hope.
Was going to buy some stuff from H&M online, but apparently "online shopping isn't offered in my market". WTFO. Anyways, wondering where else to look and where other members buy. Mostly looking for shorts, simple t-shirts and short sleeve button downs. Things that have already come to mind are LandsEnd, Zara, Uniqlo. Anyone have more ideas for me?
Flame away - I want a suit in the fabric that tom cruise wore in Ghost protocol. The info I found said that it's a mid-blue birdseye here; http://astorandblackblog.com/2012/01/17/what-is-that-fabric-the-killer-blue-suit-from-mission-impossible-ghost-protocol/ Doesn't have to be the same, just similar and without breaking the bank. Any ideas?
Tried searching, didn't have a ton of luck. Has anyone taught themselves, or learned to make their own basic alterations? I'm mostly looking for just slimming shirts, but also taking in pants and possibly slimming shirt sleeves. Anyone have any advice or links? THanks
What gave you that impression?
Looking for a place to try on, mostly so I can buy online. I've tried buying what I thought would be my size/cut based on posts here, but it never ends well. I'm about 3 hours from both Dallas and Austin. Thoughts?
I use the term consulting loosely, and yes they are aware I don't have a business background.
Thanks for your replies..and I do appreciate the help. I'm in a position now in terms of network and contacts that I'm essentially being told that if I put the structure together I'll have some immediate business. I'm in a field where the business dynamics are hard to describe..kind of a mix between word is bond and old boys/mafia style. At this point I strictly need to know how to set up the shell for structure and tax purposes.
New Posts  All Forums: