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If you're going to roll up your pants, either don't wear socks or wear some that contrast the pant better. Looks like you're wearing knickers that aren't hiked up all the way.
Seriously, go to suitsupply or ehaberdasher
What's the price quote excluding VAT on a wholecut?
80k yen!
2/3 WELL FITTING decent suits(ehaberdasher/suitsupply etc), 1/2 well fitting blazers, 3/4 slacks, 2/3 high quality but good value shoes, 20 shirts, 10 ties. Reassess when you lose the weight.
There will only ever be one Ryan Gosling. This I can promise you.
I didn't say Las Vegas was a major metro area. Regardless, if it can sustain all of the designers that it does, it can sustain a mens shoppe.
Extremely rare? Hardly. I haven't been to a major metro area that hasn't had at least 2.
You can do way better on the socks!
I know of all those, I am hoping for a true mens shop, haberdashery et cetera.
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