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Chatted with the online desk and it seems as though stock is pretty thin and most things on sale are only in black
Looks like they only have black online and none in my size. I assume the stores may have other options.
Doesn't work for me? Says not valid.
Those bottom pair MTO?
Is it me or does anyone else find the SuSu video guy infinitely creepy
Cmon...give us more than that. Do you work at the Philly store or something?
Both are purely cosmetic. The first one is unfortunately very, very common with AE. They can't seem to figure out how to connect the welt consistently. I have some pairs that have perfect welts, and others that look like they were connected with a hatchet. It seems that your chances are about 50/50 of receiving a pair with at least one poor welt.The second photo....I have no idea but my guess is whatever that is..is why they were $200, since AE has no problem selling shoes...
So if you went to buy a pair of trousers from J. Crew, you would be ok with a small but obvious stain on the fabric or a pull on the stitching simply because they are J. Crew and not Tom Ford?
Likely true. Also likely why AE isn't terribly overly concerned with what is said here.
It's not being sensitive. Anything new on the commercial market from a large company should be 99+% perfect. The price difference between AE and Vass shouldn't be sloppiness or poor quality control. I don't expect to buy a Honda with door dings from the factory because it isn't the price of a Bentley. I expect the price difference to be in the actual quality of product, not the company's ability to execute manufacturing and put a product out the door that is free of...
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