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80k yen!
2/3 WELL FITTING decent suits(ehaberdasher/suitsupply etc), 1/2 well fitting blazers, 3/4 slacks, 2/3 high quality but good value shoes, 20 shirts, 10 ties. Reassess when you lose the weight.
There will only ever be one Ryan Gosling. This I can promise you.
I didn't say Las Vegas was a major metro area. Regardless, if it can sustain all of the designers that it does, it can sustain a mens shoppe.
Extremely rare? Hardly. I haven't been to a major metro area that hasn't had at least 2.
You can do way better on the socks!
I know of all those, I am hoping for a true mens shop, haberdashery et cetera.
Can anyone comment on what my likely size would be if I'm a 10.5/11D in AE Parks? Also, is it possible to order colors not listed on the website? In quite a few pictures there are shoes that are not featured on the web page. Just curious.
You're a damn fool if you spend 1900+ and end up with Ferragamos
Suitsupply is a good place to find decent stuff at a good price. I'd buy there before a department store. Also, depending on your size, the Benjamin suits at ehaberdasher are very high quality compared to their price tag.
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