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Anyone had less than great results with AEs polish as far as shine goes? I really can't seem to get a mirror going. I'm military so I know how to shine....just doesn't seem to be taking. Maybe it doesn't have the right balance of ingredients
Is cucinelli pronounced coochinelli?
I have a pair of Mabitex, cotton, but dressy slacks, white and black check size 36. Brand new, unhemmed. Want to trade for some dress slacks size 36 or 38 depending on cut and pleat situation. Search my threads for pictures.
Quote: Originally Posted by crazyquik This is a good thing, and not really that surprising. There will be no budget cuts as long as certain groups get to protect their sacred cows. Like anything the government touches, the military is full of waste. By way of example, we have more generals now than we did during World War II and entire industries who's only customer is the Department of Defense. There are also a lot more commands and...
Quote: Originally Posted by boo Nothing here comes even close to the tackiness of your post 'cept these
Am I the only one who thinks these shoes are gross and tacky? The look like plastic decorative shoes you'd find at an ed hardy outlet or at your local warehouse suit shop.
Bump, size 11 might work
You know almost right away those who have it, but it's not easily defined. I don't necessarily see it as simply being good at your job, as in actual skills, but rather something else. I have my ideas, but what are yours? Are there physical attributes that you notice? Clothes, shoes? Professional sprezz? Just being able to talk to people?
PM me with offer.
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