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Quote: Originally Posted by chrisb0109 All pieces under 100 on pretty much everything I have. Technically, the blue suit was sold as suit separates, otherwise, it would be just over. Tom Ford who?
To the top!
I have a question for you masters out there. The only pair of nice shoes I have(read: not rockport, banana republic) are a pair of AE bel airs. They are 11s, but I could probably fit 10.5s in them. I'd like to buy some other, nicer, shoes on ebay, but not having been to their stores and not being able to try them on locally leaves me with a challenge. Right now the some ferragamo loafers are #1 on the hit list. Biggest difficulty for me is also foot width. Any...
Quote: Originally Posted by Prestosmp Shades of Grey Wonderful.
The commercials that tell consumers to ignore what they've been subliminally programmed to desire through commercials and to buy their product instead.
Since many here prefer to buy garments or footwear discounted, onsale, used, what have you...I thought it would be an interesting idea to pose somewhat of a challenge. Here is the premise- Post a picture of an outfit of yours in which no single piece cost you more than $100 dollars. Also, if you can recall the specifics, post what each piece is and what it cost you. Hopefully we'll see some complete thrift store get-ups, some second hand wonders or garage sale finds....
A box of garbage bags should get you started.
Quote: Originally Posted by scurvyfreedman What is your degree in? What is your thesis/dissertation about? What issues to you care about? My degree is polisci and my undergrad dissertation was on illicit weapons trafficking. I'm also in a masters program for Intelligence. As for issues, I guess defense, veterans and security issues would top my list. I'm open to anything really, though. I'd like to find something where I can use my...
Quote: Originally Posted by CouttsClient I'm in DC. What are you trying to do? Not sure. I would probably do anything to get a foot in the door. Advocacy/consulting/analysis would probably top my list if I got to choose, though. Wouldn't mind being a staffer, either.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles PM member Connemara The combination of your post count and your avatar has me hesitatant to take anything you say seriously
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