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Quote: Originally Posted by leftover_salmon I had an interview a few days ago for a lateral position. I met with seven people over five hours. I felt it went pretty well and that my best interviews were with the more important people (group head and senior advisor. A couple days later, I lost my phone and emailed HR to tell them to feel free to email me rather than call to let me know "of any decision." I have not heard back a thing yet. Should I be...
Quote: Originally Posted by Modern Day Adonis What, you don't enjoy the heavily saturated market? I'm assuming you're primarily speaking to those attending Tier 3 and 4 schools? I see little point in pursuing a legal education if you're not going to be competitive in your class and/or nationally. The demand certainly isn't good enough to justify a legal education with mediocre credentials. Nothing in the article surprised me but I've already done a...
It has a lot to do with genetics.
Quote: Originally Posted by Laer Surtep You are definately wearing the wrong size. Did you buy these from an AE store or on ebay and tried to guess your size? Never buy a used shoe. Even if it was from your twin brother it's not going to fit properly because once another person and used them with their unique walk they are useless to you and ruined. Unless a shoe is new AND fits perfectly it is worth 0. I don't care how good or expensive it originally...
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow Use shoe trees, don't wear them every day and wear them a couple more times before giving up, they might soften up. They've never been idle without shoe trees. I'm sure they'll loosen up eventually, just curious if this is normal.
Is this normal? They fit properly, both length and width. What hurts is when my foot is back while walking and the shoe is bent. The crease lines up with the end of the upper stitching(right below laces) and it jabs the top of my foot. I've only worn them a handful of times but it hasn't seemed to be getting better. Thoughts? Probably gonna try some lexol right on the crease.
Bought a bunch of BB slim fit shirts. Threw on a 1MX today because I was wearing a sweater and the fit was MUCH better than the BB slim fits on me. With the BB slims there's still quite a bit of fabric poofing out around my waist. I don't think they'll let me exchange the BB shirts I haven't work(tags off) and I don't think the Express quality is the greatest..so does anyone have any ideas of similar brands/fits? Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by a tailor DONT YOU GUYS LISTEN? this has been said here many times, and i quote. forget the trousers waist size number. pick the trouser only for the hip/seat fit. the waist on any decent trouser can be adjusted smaller or larger as needed. its just that simple. now that you know the right way. dont keep making the same mistake and expect different results. Good advice, will heed in shopping efforts.
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