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Probably some sort of micro nailhead or micro hounds dark navy
OK a SA at a mens store today told me it wasn't my hips but my ass. Apparently I will be best off going MTM. fml
dammit almost my size
Do you guys use different brushes for different base colors? I assume yes. How about between contrasting shades of the same color? Say....antique brown..chesnut..chili etc.
Good deal, i'll give it a try. Thanks.
Any tips? Was thinking cue tips for getting the polish out of the brogue...ness?
Quote: Originally Posted by bluemagic It seems like the traditional non-technical career avenues (journalism, publishing, law, accounting, teaching) for a young person have largely dried up. What is the future outlook for the following? (mostly on ease of getting a position) Engineering Finance (assuming you are NOT at an elite business school) Military (how hard is it to get in these days? both enlisting and ocs) Medicine Nursing Other...
My tip is to remember that the resume should just get you in the door, your interview is what they will hire you on. Remember that when writing your resume, it can be pretty thin, don't need an objective or summary, it should(in my mind) show that you are well qualified and that's really it. You should have a second 'mental resume' in your head for the interview...."i did xxx with yyy, I led xxx to yyyy, my weiner is xxx big. etc etc. It might just be me but I don't like...
Quote: Originally Posted by leftover_salmon I had an interview a few days ago for a lateral position. I met with seven people over five hours. I felt it went pretty well and that my best interviews were with the more important people (group head and senior advisor. A couple days later, I lost my phone and emailed HR to tell them to feel free to email me rather than call to let me know "of any decision." I have not heard back a thing yet. Should I be...
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