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bump! Anyone, PM ME! Thanks again scurvyfreedman
I've been working my first full time job out of school, and while money is tight I'm trying to expand my wardrobe beyond the boring business casual "uniform". Embarrassingly I've borrowed most of my shirts from my father, and they don't fit well. I have some shitty jeans, 2 pairs of "nice" slacks..and thats about it. I really like fashion but I don't know a whole lot about it. I don't live in a major fashion city, but I think I have quite a few options. I've been to some...
What do the letters in trouser for sale ads mean? W, T, K, R, LO etc.
My gut says no no no no no. However, as a recent college graduate I don't have as many buttondowns as polos, and while I'm building up a collection it's slow going. What do you think?
Quote: Originally Posted by chrisb0109 All pieces under 100 on pretty much everything I have. Technically, the blue suit was sold as suit separates, otherwise, it would be just over. Tom Ford who?
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I have a question for you masters out there. The only pair of nice shoes I have(read: not rockport, banana republic) are a pair of AE bel airs. They are 11s, but I could probably fit 10.5s in them. I'd like to buy some other, nicer, shoes on ebay, but not having been to their stores and not being able to try them on locally leaves me with a challenge. Right now the some ferragamo loafers are #1 on the hit list. Biggest difficulty for me is also foot width. Any...
Quote: Originally Posted by Prestosmp Shades of Grey Wonderful.
The commercials that tell consumers to ignore what they've been subliminally programmed to desire through commercials and to buy their product instead.
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