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Has anyone had any wide ties recrafted to narrow them? I have several 3.5 inchers is like very much if they were more narrow.
Well done, sir.
Go to german-proxy.de and then enter suitsupply.com/outlet with code "BETHEFIRST'. Translate to english. Pretty reliable.
Bump for more input. Danke.
Chatted with the online desk and it seems as though stock is pretty thin and most things on sale are only in black
Looks like they only have black online and none in my size. I assume the stores may have other options.
Doesn't work for me? Says not valid.
Those bottom pair MTO?
Is it me or does anyone else find the SuSu video guy infinitely creepy
Cmon...give us more than that. Do you work at the Philly store or something?
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