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Best fitting jacket ever?
Not me, but the ass is being kicked incredibly hard in these photos.
I'll have to check him out. I generally prefer jazz with just a piano, a bass and a drum kit...maybe a guitar. I really like piano based stuff. What sub-genre would that likely fall into?
Right now I'm listening to a lot of Vince Guaraldi..who..oddly enough was the guy who wrote a lot of the Peanuts music before he died lol
I had these but they were stolen: I'd like to replace them with a similar frame shape(aggressive/angular top line), but want thin wire ear pieces like the picture below. I'd like to find some in both silver and gold frames. So far I haven't found anything quite to my liking, even after searching through the entire Ray Ban catalogue. Hoping you guys here can give me some ideas. Thanks.
Gotta be some jazz fans out there in SF land, right? I'm just starting to get more into the genre. I really like piano and samba stuff and really stay away from electronic-y stuff. Anyone else out there? Hoping we can share favorites, youtube clips, recommendations, club spots et cetera. I'm still trying to figure out which sub-genre the songs I like fit into so I can explore more artists.
If you're going to roll up your pants, either don't wear socks or wear some that contrast the pant better. Looks like you're wearing knickers that aren't hiked up all the way.
Seriously, go to suitsupply or ehaberdasher
What's the price quote excluding VAT on a wholecut?
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