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I have a pair of Shures. Don't remember the model, but they're recent and were like 80-90. The cord is cheap and I don't like the fit. I was trying to replace my Senns and should have stayed with them. Sound is fine, though.
kudos on the format.
Quote: Originally Posted by stinger70 ehh, basically doing everything in that thread except for reading the book. Eating plenty more than the calculations on their tell me i should. I've researched this well and been committed but just havent seen any improvement. Before i started on this diet i was lucky to eat 2000 calories most days as i just didnt bother to eat during the day. Adding 1000+ has GOT to make a difference No, you haven't...
Quote: Originally Posted by stinger70 not sure what heavy compounds are. Im working on upper body as thats where gains are most important. Lifting as heavy as i can for 5 sets of 5 on different machines, plus doing bodyweight exercises like dips and free weights for chest etc. Im really feeling the burn afterwards and it feels great i just cant understand why im not building at all. Ive reached the limit of what i can eat, will have to be liquid foods to...
Keeping adding calories until you see gain. Pretty easy.
I didn't read through all of the pages, but how does everyone feel about waterproofing a new shoe before polishing?
I just got two pairs of park avenues - big step for me coming from sweatpants and nikes.
So if I'm gonna check out BB for the 26th sale...I should target 1) Charcoal 2) Dark Blue 3) ??? Thanks again for all your help
Greetings, Is there a website/thread about taking measurements on oneself in order to accurately buy clothes online and in the 'for sale' section? I'd like to start buying dress shirts and some jackets in the sale section but don' t know how to accurately go about measuring myself, and especially with regards to wanting slim fit stuff. Tips appreciated.
Looking for a variety of stuff. PM ME with price shipped and pictures, as well as 1sts, 2nds, etc
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