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Quote: Originally Posted by Achilles_ So you have a contract who knows his measurments? What is your budget? If his wife doesn't have them, she can get them for me from Walter Reed Hospital. Budget...I'd say there isn't one.
Bear with me, I will try and make this very very long story short. Good friend of mine joined the army, was blown to pieces in Iraq by an IED Literally by the hand of God he survives. His body was absolutely mangled. Initially had less than 5% chance of survival after he had already arrived in hospital Both legs didnt need amputation because they were already gone After several months of fighting for his life, he stabilizes and he is fitted with prosthetics He...
Is Zenga pronounced Zenya?
Oklahoma City, easy
I signed up and don't see any 600 dollar isaia suits
Wow, Great ties.
Probably some sort of micro nailhead or micro hounds dark navy
OK a SA at a mens store today told me it wasn't my hips but my ass. Apparently I will be best off going MTM. fml
dammit almost my size
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