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These two are more indicative or true color.
Recently discovered this - don't know anything about it. Google doesn't provide anything. It is in rough shape. Looks and smells like it has seen many years. The only tag is the one pictured. The leather is has a light patina, with the original color(that's apparent under the flaps) is a darker more reddish color. It is thinly constructed, some of the leather is in rough shape and very dried out. The leather areas that have been least affected by age feel quite nice, a...
Bump, open to similar but different styles also. Brogue stuff is OK. Darker or antiques brown is preferred.
I was given an this piece, it looks like it hasn't been worn aside from some loose threads on a few buttons. It is a Saks coat, made in USA with a tiny tag that reads "union made" in the inner pocket. To the best of my knowledge, I would say it's early-mid 90s. Any idea who makes it? Note: the Saks label isn't as screwed up as it looks, I just couldn't hold the camera still. I am 100 percent certain it's authentic. Also, please forgive the pictures if they are poor, i...
Is there a general guideline about what pocket squares are supposed to contrast/match/accentuate? Should the play off the shirt, brighten the tie, pull together matching the shoes?
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker I would suggest you look through the "soporific tie porn" thread, and use any example posted there as a basis for classic. Spoo, I will do that. I hope you have many of your favorites in there, as I really aspire to your style tendencies. But I also know you like to reach out with your accessories. What are some of your favorites that aren't necessarily of the classic look?
Seen a lot of talk about staple suits, patterns, fabrics, colors etc...haven't seen much mention through searching about staple ties. While I haven't established my own style, I think I would like the classic politician look but with more high style accessories that would separate me a little bit...mostly shoes, ties and pocket squares. I know this is a vague topic, but in light of what I described, what would you consider to be staple ties or tie pattens? Responses...
Damn those are hot
Anyone else save images from this thread. I have a few hundred saved.
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