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those aren't brown.
Just got a pair of new super150s wool trousers cuffed and taken in. They're a stitch too long still but it seems like they don't drape in the lower legs very well even with the weight of the cuff. Will the "break in" and drape better, is there anything I can do to add weight or could the length be to blame? This is probably a dumb question but
would love something dark brown, oak antiqued etc
Quote: Originally Posted by onix Derby/Blücher are laced shoes with open lacing. example: While oxford/balmoral have closed lacing, example: That's the only difference?
What defines a blucher and a derby?
nepal, tunisia, lebanon, budapest to name a few
230 shipped
It doesn't matter what people are motivated by, the wrong thing is always the wrong thing. Racial motivation isn't an excuse for dismissing the issue - regardless of whether or not racial motivations are present. I don't know why they don't just end it.
What would you call the background color on number 4? Discount for multiples?
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