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Would this be something a local cobbler could do with any pair of dress shoes?
OK yall, I got the low down. A lot less barriers than I thought His feet are a size 10. There are only two problems that most dress shoes give him: 1) Stacked heel- he must be perfectly flat for the computers in his legs to operate properly 2) He needs the grip that trainers provide, and the slight roll that the shape of the soles provide. (another that isn't super important, they need to be able to be tied tight. Some dress shoes with only a few loops and tiny laces...
Quote: Originally Posted by xudisco07 cotton or wool? Sorry, cotton. I'm a true 36 and at least in the waist these are a little too tight to button. I think they would fit a 34 nicely. They don't fit me because of my thighs and ass.
Bought them from a member here, just because I can't get them locally and needed to try one for sizing. They fit me like spandex. Original seller says they are not as slim as typical Mabitex. I wouldn't know as these are the only I've tried. They are gorgeous and I really wish they fit. Size 36/52eu UNHEMMED Will consider trades for similar style in 38/40. Otherwise $75.00 shipped. http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/5549/cimg0456m.jpg 2) Jcrew Cord Casual Jacket...
Quote: Originally Posted by NORE I would think it to be prudent to first explore what materials can and can't be used. I imagine the Asics because the soles are rubber/softer and allow for a much smoother range of motion. I'm thinking it may be difficult for him to walk in leather-soled shoes. Once that's ironed out, I'd bet any maker could pound out a pair of shoes provided there are foot-like structures at the extremes of his prosthesis. You may...
Quote: Originally Posted by Achilles_ So you have a contract who knows his measurments? What is your budget? If his wife doesn't have them, she can get them for me from Walter Reed Hospital. Budget...I'd say there isn't one.
Bear with me, I will try and make this very very long story short. Good friend of mine joined the army, was blown to pieces in Iraq by an IED Literally by the hand of God he survives. His body was absolutely mangled. Initially had less than 5% chance of survival after he had already arrived in hospital Both legs didnt need amputation because they were already gone After several months of fighting for his life, he stabilizes and he is fitted with prosthetics He...
Is Zenga pronounced Zenya?
Oklahoma City, easy
I signed up and don't see any 600 dollar isaia suits
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