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No one? Not everyone can live in NYC
Thank God someone bought those peals LOL.
I think ehaberdasher is pretty good, very easy to browse with the layout. Places like yoox or stp are really discombobulated and busy making it harder to just browse around without looking for something specific. eHab seems to have great deals too. I haven't been on yoox or stp enough to really know about their discounts. What is your favorite and why?
Jcrew Cord Casual Jacket NWT -Brown/Green Olive color -Size XL (23.5-24 chest, 30 BOC, 25-26 sleeves) -dark elbow patches -Single Vent, multiple inside pockets -Could use a press, it was not hung when stored. Just pushed into a box. Price: 80
I'm passionate about making more money, so I would open a fast food restaurant.
Damn I want those sergeants.
Items Added
Quote: Originally Posted by nmprisons The other thought is to contact Ron Rider (posts here under RIDER, I believe). He has a close relationship with a factory in Italy that does a ton of custom work. This is a brilliant idea. I'll check that out. I have some contact with Redwing shoes...the company that makes the boots everyone loves. I know they make some dress looking shoes...I'll have to see what they say.
Quote: Originally Posted by altie Very curious to see what you end up with. This has the potential to be a PR coup or whoever ends up making the shoes. Call around to some newspapers and see if you can get your friend and the shoemaker some press. He's gotten a lot of press, met everyone you could imagine both in and out of politics. Whoever I end up using will certainly be asked if they want some coverage.
Would this be something a local cobbler could do with any pair of dress shoes?
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