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I can do 495# for reps and fit into a 42!
For the same reason I curse my favorite football team. I expect better and want them to win.
Does anyone have any pics of model Model 000910-001 in the wild? Also, if I'm a 10.5 for almost all AE what would I be on the rain last? Finally, how does this color compare to AE Bob's Chili? http://www.shop.carminashoemaker.com/articulo.asp?idarticulo=3476665
Remember this silence from AE? Looks like they decided to ship THE EXACT same defective/blemished pair of shoes back to me that I had returned for a 2nd exchange. No courtesy email saying "hey, these are firsts by us, do you want them back?" Nope, they just resent them stone cold. They also sent me another belt, which I didn't need as I kept the replacement belt from the first exchange. What a wonderful experience. I love driving 25 minutes out of the way on my trip home...
Looks too small on you IMO. While there aren't any obvious pulls aside from below the button..it just looks small on your frame. Have you tried the 44 or a Napoli?
I tried to get some ties by the SF code didn't work for me
I'm asking here because I figure there are some gents that will know and I really don't want to register on a cigar forum. I would like to buy a box of cigars to give to a friend. I am hoping to have them sent to my home, and then I will wrap the box and send it on it's way across country. Does anyone see any issues doing this in terms of the health of the stick? I'm thinking maybe 10-15 days out of a humidor max before they get delivered to him. The seal on the box will...
I'm talking just about fabrics mostly. They have a lot of chinos and weird cargo-pocket pants...not many regular business trousers.
I find it strange that SS doesn't offer more traditional trousers given their wide selection of sport coats. Any ideas for reasonably priced alternatives?
It's been 5 business days since my second return/exchange was received by AE and not a peep. I think this will be my last business with AE. Time to move up a level I guess
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