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Moved in a new office that has nothing in it but a shitty old Dell computer. Already got a nice keyboard and mouspad, working on finding a mouse I like. Next is a nice ergonomic chair, but I think that might take me a while to find. What are some things that you couldn't live without on your desk or in your office? Anything from a type of pen, notebook, organizing bins to art work or headphones. Anyone have any recommendations? (On chairs, too)
Great post, thank you. Do you ever use a travel garment bag from someone like Tumi? I have found some that say they can fit 2-3 suits, just not sure if I could fit 4-6 shirts within that. I'm not opposed to two bags, but would prefer one.
I've finally gotten around to getting a proper TV, next step is proper surround sound. I would like to use it both with the TV but as well as music. Hoping to stay under $500 and the lower the better, but I do want quality and something that will last me a long time. Any experience or recommendations?
Looks like I'm going to have to be travelling a lot in the next year for work. I don't currently have any great luggage, I mostly use the sea bags I was given in the military. In your experience, what is the best piece of luggage for say 1-2 weeks of business attire? I'm looking for specific options, not just referencing a style. Thoughts?
I've scoured their catalog. Maybe next time you're there you can ask for a model number or name? I'd greatly appreciate that.
Wasn't really sure where to put this, but since these are worn I landed here. Where I work, like many places, I'm required to wear a normal size badge/ID. I also have to have several others on me for different areas of campus. Up until now I"ve just been using the ones that are issued, but they are real POS and break all the time. I've searched around online and haven't really found anything unique. Wondering if anyone has seen or using something they really like? I've...
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Buellerrrrrrrrrrrrr. Usually this forum loves a good treasure hunt.
Fit/cut on both pants and jacket do nothing for you. Classic case of "dad's clothes" IMO
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