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Can I get a price on bourbon Flatiron in size 10.5D or EEE? Thanks.
I can wear jackets/sweaters from about November-March...but beyond that we're talkin 100+ degrees.
I gotta ask because I feel like an idiot and it's driving me nuts..How the hell do guys get their knot like that? Is it a particular knot or merely a function of the material?
Looking for some interesting sport coats in size 44R, 2 button, medium to low stance. Pics are appreciated!
Good insight, thanks for sharing. We're not quite jeans-status yet, mostly slacks and shirts. I'd like to dress down beyond slacks and OCBD but still appropriate. I think you're on with patterns, odd jackets, ties etc. More tweed/twill I guess. Anyone else?
Upon entering a new work environment, I found myself, and more particularly my wardrobe, not representing the type of employee I had become. The old career field was suits, ties....sprezz was shoes and pocket squares. My new field is less glamorous, more knowledge/teaching driven. It doesn't feel right being dressed like a banker when working as an industry subject matter experts who's entire job is to know everything and be able to teach said everything to consumers of...
Unable to begin school for an MBA until fall of 2014...curious if anyone has any reading recommendations for me..don't necessarily have to be academic in nature but would like to begin educating myself to some extent. I do not have a business background/undergraduate, and while I am not completely clueless, my depth of knowledge is pretty shallow. Thoughts?
Since this thread has more replies than the others.... What does the membership think about taking a prep course vice studying at home? Or perhaps taking the course to get spun up and then studying at home? I'm not in a time crunch in terms of applying...just want to start to lay out some groundwork on preparation. Any recommendations?
What are some of your favorite websites for modern decor and furnishings? I'm poor so the cheaper the better. And no, not ikea.
Moved in a new office that has nothing in it but a shitty old Dell computer. Already got a nice keyboard and mouspad, working on finding a mouse I like. Next is a nice ergonomic chair, but I think that might take me a while to find. What are some things that you couldn't live without on your desk or in your office? Anything from a type of pen, notebook, organizing bins to art work or headphones. Anyone have any recommendations? (On chairs, too)
New Posts  All Forums: