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I have THIS ONE and it is definitely not shiny. Not even close to the shine in the pictures. It's completely flat in color.
To echo what AFC said....I work in an office that is heavily cooled due to computing/server power. I also frequent meetings/offices on campus that are both normal temperature AND a significant walking distance away...but the walking commute is all indoors. I would like to have something that I wear just at my desk or in my particular office that can quickly be removed, which is why the button/zip option is necessary. Certainly I wear v-neck or other similar sweaters...
I don't want to wear a v neck because of the hassle of getting it on and off during the day. Gotta be buttons or zip. Also need something kind of loose because I wear French cuff shirts often
What about the pilot metropolitan? Seems to have replaced the popular pilot 78g. A family member gave me a Waterman Exclusive from the 80s so that will be my first once I get it up and running.
if you work in a cold office, what do you wear? My office is kept at a brisk 65° which is far too cold for me. I do not want to wear my suit jackets or my sportcoats thinking that they will get wrinkled while sitting in a chair. I was thinking a nice cardigan perhaps a shawl collar or two that I could either leave it in the office or bring in depending on what colors I am wearing. I am thinking cardigan so I can take it off if I go to meetings or for when I go to...
Yep they're going through some upgrades to make the site more user friendly. Even while down you can see that the interface has been updated.
How about some sub-$50 recommendations for fountain and rollerball? So far I've seen good reviews of lamy safari/al star and pilot 78g
This may be an odd question, but has anyone seen any site online that offers some sort of beginner pack for pens? I'm not sure what kind/type/style I like and am hoping to try a bunch before purchasing anything. I'm reminded here of WarbyParker eye glasses..where you can effectively rent 5 pairs for a week to see what you like. Ideally I would find 2-3 that I like, with at least one for daily notes/office work and one for handwritten notes. Your thoughts or...
AE "polish" isn't wax, right?
Has anyone been able to achieve the high gloss/mirror shine with just the AE "premium polish"? Or did you have to use carnuba wax?
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