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Curious about the forums experience with public speaking. Not so much going over numbers and figures, but lecturing, presenting, teaching..that type. I consider myself a good and engaging public speaker, but have never really studied it or read any materials. Anyone here a regular public speaker who has ever read a book or studied the art in some shape or fashion? There are obviously many, many options to read...wondering if there are any recommendations.
I've been noticing that even when I hang my shirts up with the collars buttoned that they lay a little goofy when wearing them without a tie...this is after months of use, mind you. So I wonder...how do you hang your shirts with regard to collar? Button? Unbuttoned? Collar normal or flipped up? Stays or no stays?
I'm cheap as hell, so the cheaper the better but I understand there is a price floor for acceptable quality. I wouldn't want to go over 500 as a maximum. The suit supply price point is ideal.
44R with a slim waist
Anyone have any recommendations on the best quality/value for off the shelf sport coats? Obviously expecting to get them tailored...but I need to expand my SC collection rather quickly, relatively speaking, and can't break the bank. Any recommendations? Many thanks.
Can I get a price on bourbon Flatiron in size 10.5D or EEE? Thanks.
I can wear jackets/sweaters from about November-March...but beyond that we're talkin 100+ degrees.
I gotta ask because I feel like an idiot and it's driving me nuts..How the hell do guys get their knot like that? Is it a particular knot or merely a function of the material?
Looking for some interesting sport coats in size 44R, 2 button, medium to low stance. Pics are appreciated!
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