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If anyone is interested I have a Krank Rage long driver for sale. Same head that won the world long drive championship last year.
For those of you who buy the syringes on amazon, can you share a link?
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Laid up the last two days with a stomach virus...so, Tuesday's day night double header will have to be gold enough. Sorry I missed Ed's show... Details?
Quote: Originally Posted by venessian The guys on Universal said she's now going out with Svindal. If true, she can't be all bad, because he seems like a really good, stable, down-to-earth guy. She seems like she likes to have fun. I did read somewhere that earlier in her career she was uber-competitive, jealous of others, and very immature, but that she's a lot more grown-up now. Skiing is a VERY small community in the US. Everyone knows...
SORRY seems to have expired...however a lucky guess revealed that SPRING yields 10% off.
I'm on a remake of a remake. Seems like they have been having a lot of problems lately.
Quote: Originally Posted by venessian ^ Really? In MN? That's awesome. Did you ski on that same little hill? She seems like a nice person. She whines sometimes, but I think that's partially media crap; I don't doubt her heart for one second. Great, great skier. Do she and Mancuso get along, or do they dislike each other? Mancuso was a bitch when I knew her. I haven't seen her recently. Skiing is very cliquey, you don't really make...
I grew up with Lindsey Kildow.
Looks good, gorge might be a little big for some tastes, but fit is nice.
bump. Looking for walnut color too, AE walnut.
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