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Does anyone have any recommendations on an alternative for the wide dress belt? The laser etched "Allen Edmonds" makes me want to hurl myself off of a bridge. Looking for Chili specificially.
Is there a standard SF discount?
Can't decide between chili or oxblood on the carlyle.....can't decide on carlyle or McAllister. Fml.
Is that oxblood left and chili middle?
Just moved to the D.C. metro area. What are some of the better haberdashers in town? Mostly looking for tailoring and maybe some MTM shirting. Thanks
Wow...those look great polished up. The stock photos do no justice. Just regular AE polish, or what?
I am considering that as well, but I do prefer the slightly longer or less stubby toe box that comes on something like the McAllister. Also, given some of the more modern cuts on several of my suits a traditional shoe shape is a bit of a juxtaposition - at least that is my initial gut feeling. Thoughts?
Any other opinions besides McAllister in Merlot?Is there an AE rep on SF?
Do you guys use the AE branded polish on your shoes? I see the pictures here of everyones shoes and the shines are phenomenal. I've never been able to get that shine on any of mine, but I do use the AE branded polish. You all use another type/brand or method?
Honestly I'm not going to remember the name of it, even after looking at pictures of the Player. I'll dig them out tomorrow night and take a look.Burgundy/merlot is nice...how are they compared to the ox blood? The reason I've stayed away from those colors so far is that my brain draws a blank whenever I try to mentally put together an outfit with those color shoes.
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