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Haha! I literally LOLd
That WOULD be awesome although I do believe the shutter speed may be too slow to capture anything worthwhile
How do I look like a BAMF bawse for my official work portrait? I've already decided that I'm going with the "no-smile" look. I'll likely be flanked by two flags, the U.S. flag and then some other random flag of unknown colors. I have a variety of dark and mid-blue suits, charcoal and some mid-greys. Which one? What color and type of tie? Type of knot? Color/type of shirt? Collar? Lord help me. I want knees to buckle in fear when this photo is seen.
Any more recommendations? I need some suit jackets tailored this week. Has anyone used Nordstroms (yikes) at Columbia mall?
Looking for a staple modern topcoat/overcoat, something between car coat and knee length. Nothing too crazy as far as $$$. I typically wear a 44 suit jacket.
I'll plug for Tumi. They're a little commercial but I absolutely love my briefcase. I was turned on to them after my mother gave me her Tumi briefcase from circa 1986...it is still in fantastic shape and I took no special care of it. I also have the tumi laptop case/cover that is straight baller. When I don't need the full briefcase I will travel with just the laptop case. It can fit my macbook, ipad, and still has room for misc documents and small chargers. Kicks so much...
Another shout-out to Ben and Julie. I've been a customer for many years and have never been less than pleased with everything they do. I have three suits from them and one sport-coat on the way. P.S to Ben - I also would pay 400 for a full canvass. P.P.S. to Ben - do you plan on making any slim/extra slim dress shirts? I'm a 16.5 but have about a 32" waist...so most shirts are tents on me.
If you had to send someone to read one post, or watch one video, or read one article on shining shoes...where would you send them?
If anyone has been waiting in suspense for the close of this mystery...I dug out the walnut wingtips in question and they are the fabled Bel Air model. Love these shoes.
New Posts  All Forums: