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Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack looks like the rise might be a little too low for you (is that your cock?). The slimness looks fine though. this had me rolling. hahhahahahhaha
Quote: Originally Posted by tj100 Wait until you have an offer. Then tell your current company ASAP that you have an opportunity that you can't give up - they'll understand (assuming it's a significant upgrade to your current role). I wouldn't consider it an 'upgrade' but it is something I would rather be doing. No question in my mind I would leave my current role for it.
Short version: Phone interview next week for job I applied for before I started my current role. I have been in my current position since the beginning of the year. If I were offered the job I have a phone interview for next week I would take it in a freakin heart beat. It is about as good as it gets for me after getting kicked out of pilot training for an injury. Supposedly they had over 1900 applicants, are interviewing 55 people for 14 spots. How should I handle...
Worth it? Don't go all righteous on me...
bought a fleshlight
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker oh yeah XMI ties. :gag: XMI ties are great for the money. I got one for 20 bucks and it ties a great knot. I got an XMI and 6 talbot ties for 210 bucks.
Soon as the grass turns green or leaves on trees.
Why are all the best shoes always in retarded sizes.
Quote: Originally Posted by kidkorea I was contemplating making this thread for months, finally. GJ! I hope you didn't waste away too much of your life in the past months contemplating the 17 seconds it would have taken you to create this thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by dave_c Hi Rugger. Please send me the Order # and I will assist with your issue. Thank you. I've been helped by Emerson. You guys do have good customer service. Just a shame we've had such issues.
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