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bought a fleshlight
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker oh yeah XMI ties. :gag: XMI ties are great for the money. I got one for 20 bucks and it ties a great knot. I got an XMI and 6 talbot ties for 210 bucks.
Soon as the grass turns green or leaves on trees.
Why are all the best shoes always in retarded sizes.
Quote: Originally Posted by kidkorea I was contemplating making this thread for months, finally. GJ! I hope you didn't waste away too much of your life in the past months contemplating the 17 seconds it would have taken you to create this thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by dave_c Hi Rugger. Please send me the Order # and I will assist with your issue. Thank you. I've been helped by Emerson. You guys do have good customer service. Just a shame we've had such issues.
If anyone is interested I have a Krank Rage long driver for sale. Same head that won the world long drive championship last year.
For those of you who buy the syringes on amazon, can you share a link?
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Laid up the last two days with a stomach virus...so, Tuesday's day night double header will have to be gold enough. Sorry I missed Ed's show... Details?
Quote: Originally Posted by venessian The guys on Universal said she's now going out with Svindal. If true, she can't be all bad, because he seems like a really good, stable, down-to-earth guy. She seems like she likes to have fun. I did read somewhere that earlier in her career she was uber-competitive, jealous of others, and very immature, but that she's a lot more grown-up now. Skiing is a VERY small community in the US. Everyone knows...
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