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The problem is they stay dimpled after movement. Thanks to others for the replies as well. My shoulders are pretty upright but the muscle group definitely tends forward. If I try to roll them back a little it creates even more roll/dimple/chaos.
On another wise perfect jacket, these shoulder dimples/craters appear the second I move my arms. If I am standing straight as a board and pull the sleeves taut they are not there, as soon as I move/walk, anything, they're right there. The shoulders themselves do not feel too small of restrictive. The size on the jacket is a 42R and is high quality, so while there is a chance it is the jacket itself I think it may have more to do with me?
I ordered a bunch of BrooksBrothers extra slim shirts during their recent sale. Unfortunately they are not slim enough for me and are still tents around the waist. Are there any other brands I should try at similar price/quality points before moving exclusively to MTM? Any help is appreciated. If it matters I'm usually a 16 or 16.25.
Just for everyones SA....when you're shopping AE online...."in-stock" doesn't mean what you think it might. What I think it should mean is "ready and available for shipping".....what AE apparently defines "in-stock" as is...enclosed within a facility that is wholly owned, leased or otherwise operated by AE, a subsidiary or third party contractor. All of the items in my order are "in-stock" but unable to ship. I was even told some of them were still at production, but that...
Haha! I literally LOLd
That WOULD be awesome although I do believe the shutter speed may be too slow to capture anything worthwhile
How do I look like a BAMF bawse for my official work portrait? I've already decided that I'm going with the "no-smile" look. I'll likely be flanked by two flags, the U.S. flag and then some other random flag of unknown colors. I have a variety of dark and mid-blue suits, charcoal and some mid-greys. Which one? What color and type of tie? Type of knot? Color/type of shirt? Collar? Lord help me. I want knees to buckle in fear when this photo is seen.
Any more recommendations? I need some suit jackets tailored this week. Has anyone used Nordstroms (yikes) at Columbia mall?
Looking for a staple modern topcoat/overcoat, something between car coat and knee length. Nothing too crazy as far as $$$. I typically wear a 44 suit jacket.
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