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AAS wins for making patch pockets look fancy
That is a really good idea.
While I am not exactly that guy, I am close. If someone is buying their first pair of nice shoes, and has been going back and forth on spending such a big chunk of change, they will not be happy if after their first big purchase they find something like this - thinking "I dropped 400 for this?"I'm not upset at all, I understand how these things work and how these shoes are made. If the mark had been colored in by AE personnel I probably wouldn't care and would keep them...
These will be my sixth pair, two of which are seconds, and none of them have said mark. Can I tell where the welt ends on the other pair? Yes, of course, but none of them have a gash.
I should not be making at-home corrections after delivery on $400 shoes
Earthy herringbone is awesome. Wish they had it in my size However I did get dark brown windowpane...
See where it looks like someone took a few swipes with a hack saw?
Well, friends, my Carlyles have arrived and are suffering from the famed AE welt connect area issue and some strange wrinkles/bubbling alone the vamp/quarter seam. The belt also has some noticeable dents along the top line. Hopefully they can take care of this issue promptly and will send them out before my return arrives. Otherwise...absolutely love the shoes. My new favorites for sure.
Gotta ask...ben where do you get the wooden hangers you include with your suits? If you could offer variable sizes for under $20 I think you'd get a lot of customers.
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