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Nothing from TieBar. I have about 40 ties in rotation already, just wondering if anyone had anything they were particularly fond of. I will probably try their socks at minimum.
Got a $50 code for Christmas. Any recommendations?
I relocated to the "DC area" (not really) this past fall. I'm about 10-15 minutes drive from the end of the red line. I haven't really used it much as I work near where I live. I may consider moving more toward DC proper after my lease is up next year. Can anyone comment on the commute traffic from some of the popular areas toward my business near Annapolis Junction?
bump. Would also be interested in a small notepad case for one of the 3x5" ish notepads. One that would fit inside an inner jacker pocket
Anyone have any recommendations for some fine leather or high quality note pad and/or legal pad portfolios? I know saddleback leather makes some but they look a little too rustic for me. I wear suite/tie everyday so the distressed leather look doesn't go too well with it. What say you?
Something on the pavement here is doing a number on the soles of my Clarks desert boots. They aren't just dirty, but the bottoms are BLACK. The darkness is creeping up the sidewalls and it's gross looking. Anyone have any tips/tricks?
Haven't seen a task chair thread in a while. I loathe spending a lot of money on home items. I just had to buy two new monitors for my home work station and it ate me up. With that said, I will pay for value if it is there and there are no alternatives. Does anyone have any recommendations on an Aeron like chair but for substantially less money?
Tried searching but didn't find anything. I'm probably an idiot at searching. Anyways, what's the best way to clean the white sidewalls of Vans and some boat shoes?
It's a bummer....I can't give these guys my money fast enough. Just never have the inventory.
I would but unfortunately they're made on limited runs and are currently our of the sizes, colors I'd need.
New Posts  All Forums: