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Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman What are you investing it for? If a "rainy day fund" you need to put it somewhere accessible in a pinch, even like a regular savings account. If for education there are 529 plans or something similar that will offer tax incentives. You might want to consider paying off your current student debt early (depending on your current interest rate). If for retirement there are a multitude of options but the...
I'm young, can go moderate to high risk. Just looking for some tips. I don't make much so don't ask me why so little LOL
If you had to pick one?
all sold.
Here's the thing...I need a hobby that takes up a lot of time and isn't expensive. Right now my two can take up anywhere from 4-12 hours of my time, which is a good thing: 1) Golf - speaks for itself 2) Poker, even at lowest limits, I can't afford the necessary bankroll and i hate the swings. What else is there? Fishing is kind of there but I don't have a boat.
They have a bit of a fold, not really a crease, just below the waistband from sitting in a chair all day. Wondering if I can iron them myself. I'll presume I need to put something on top of them. Recommendations?
1) Is there such thing as a 'good' starch? Meaning wont weaken fabric, cause sheen etc etc? 2) Any special care required for french cuffs when in the wash? Obviously very light detergent, light cycle etc etc. Should I unfold them? What?
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbjorn FIH. Double FIH at worst. In a wide spread collar? Wouldn't a FIH show MORE wrap around?
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Yes. You are wearing a Windsor knot. OK, so what should I be wearing with a wide spread collar?
When I use a windsor knot, the top left "point" of the know ends up going farther into the collar than the right. The right doesn't go all the way in and ends up showing some of the non-knot tie. I've tried very slowly making the knot to make it symmetrical but it doesn't seem to work. This happens with even my widest tie. Anyone face anything similar? Am I making a common mistake? I have seen wider knots with similar sized ties so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.
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