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Strong first post
That page doesn't say anything about the London Super Fitted, unless I am missing something.
Can anyone compare the TM Lewin Super Fitted vs the TM Lewin London Super Fitted? Their customer service wasn't sure, and I have measured the chest/yoke on both and haven't been able to find the differenced. CS said there was a difference in fit.. This shirt is so far the best fitting OTR I have found for me. I'm about a 44-45 true chest and 34-35 inch true waist with larger shoulders and big back. The fit on the superfitted in 16.5 is close to perfect for me.
Any SFers recommend a keyboard/mouse tray for the purposes of a standing desk? I've got some monitors at the right height, just need to elevate the keys.
Two new to me pieces... nice Cross older model Cross Century Classic pencil as well as a Porsche Design Tec Flex.
If anyone has any 42R items they're selling please let me know
Picked up a nice cross townsend in blue
Long shot here...anyone have any ideas where big defense companies have an established recruiting pipeline?
Aside from the 18k Waterman a family member gave me, I've also purchased a Lamy Swift and a Pilot metropolitan. All 3 are are great depending on the type of paper. The waterman is definitely the smoothest. My handwriting still blows.
I heard back from MT in a timely fashion. I guess I measured the yoke wrong when I measured the actual yoke. Their site would do better if it listed that measurement as shoulder instead of yoke. The illustrative GUI where you enter in measurements makes it appear that you measure the yoke seam, while their separate "how to measure guide" says not to measure the yoke for the yoke measurement. Either way, the measurement for the legitimate yoke is still off and I've yet to...
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