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Plus, most of my dress shirts are french cuff. FC without a jacket..bleh.
If it fits well, is coordinated and is within recent trends... most people will be very impressed regardless of construction quality.
a WAG, mostly
What are some ideas for the no jacket idea? I feel naked just wearing slacks-shirt-shoes with no jacket
Benjamins are full canvassed and, imo, are worth atleast 2k.
Any more ideas?
Suitsupply or Benjamin. If you don't want one of those you can give me the 400# and I'll sew together some bed sheets and mail it to you.
Alright...we will see how they work out. Prices seem very reasonable.
Where have people been buying/getting trays made online?
Video is tops on my list and I'm working with my security folks to get it cleared. In the mean time I've started a prominent book on speaking just for some brainstorming - so far it's helped a lot! I should say that while I am certainly interested in getting better and learning more for myself, the primary reason I ask is to help develop some training/practice/ideas for my subordinates.
New Posts  All Forums: