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Sorry, I worded that funny. I'm not looking at buying a breitling or GMT...just leaning toward those styles. I understand those can't be had for under 1k
Looking to stay under $1000 either new or used. Wouldn't mind going used for a nicer/higher quality watch. Style is open....but leaning towards something like a Breitling chronograph, GMT or classic styles like IWC portofino. Thoughts/pics appreciated
Been very happy with the above vendor. 22% burns the gums like a mother fucker for a few minutes though.
Button's too high, jacket's too long, you don't have the shoulders to support a lapel that wide.. IMO
Another satisfied customer. Great product, great fit, great service. These things were packaged with extreme care - as if they were going to space
Plus, most of my dress shirts are french cuff. FC without a jacket..bleh.
If it fits well, is coordinated and is within recent trends... most people will be very impressed regardless of construction quality.
a WAG, mostly
What are some ideas for the no jacket idea? I feel naked just wearing slacks-shirt-shoes with no jacket
Benjamins are full canvassed and, imo, are worth atleast 2k.
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