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Looking for NWT/NWOT or very gently used S/S items in 42R that have had little if any alterations (save for hemming). Please post pics or PM me.
Fat ties are coming back right meow. Just check out some pitti uomo pictures. Lots of fatties.
I have a non-SuSu green SC with patch pockets and it is my favorite clothing item I own. It not be the most versatile, but it kicks a ton of ass and gets a lot of compliments.
Since it appears their vendor thread was closed and that same thread was the most recently updated thread, I though I would create a new one. I recently ordered and received one of their $100 white shirts with the thick mop buttons. While the shipping was pretty fast (ordered 10 days ago, received today, paid for expedite), unfortunately the yoke is off by at least a full inch if not more. I have emailed their sales team as well as through the 'contact us' on the web...
Looks fine to me, though I would say it matters more about the fabric of the trousers. . I'd say 98% wouldn't notice....but what matters is if you notice/care.
Has anyone taken Veritas prep course in person?
I have THIS ONE and it is definitely not shiny. Not even close to the shine in the pictures. It's completely flat in color.
To echo what AFC said....I work in an office that is heavily cooled due to computing/server power. I also frequent meetings/offices on campus that are both normal temperature AND a significant walking distance away...but the walking commute is all indoors. I would like to have something that I wear just at my desk or in my particular office that can quickly be removed, which is why the button/zip option is necessary. Certainly I wear v-neck or other similar sweaters...
I don't want to wear a v neck because of the hassle of getting it on and off during the day. Gotta be buttons or zip. Also need something kind of loose because I wear French cuff shirts often
What about the pilot metropolitan? Seems to have replaced the popular pilot 78g. A family member gave me a Waterman Exclusive from the 80s so that will be my first once I get it up and running.
New Posts  All Forums: