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Thanks. Bump!
Where is he located? General price range?
I may, but I think I would rather have someone who is permanently local so I could see them in person often.
Any idea what the minimum purchase is? ^^^
I'm effing sick....sick...of shirts not fitting me. I have big shoulders/arms/back/etc with a smaller waist. I have searched high and low for many years - so now I move to begin exploring custom made shirts. I've tried some of the online options before but just haven't quite gotten the measurements right, nor the fabric, and don't like how long it takes. I also hate not seeing the fabric in person first. Anyone in DC have shirt maker recommendations for me? Not looking...
I like mine, too. September is a long ways away! Worth the wait for the price
Has anyone seen a really nice dresser top valet/humidor combo? I've seen the Xikar models but they are a bit Bueller?
okydoky. If you need some "testing" you know who to contact
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