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Tried searching but didn't find anything. I'm probably an idiot at searching. Anyways, what's the best way to clean the white sidewalls of Vans and some boat shoes?
It's a bummer....I can't give these guys my money fast enough. Just never have the inventory.
I would but unfortunately they're made on limited runs and are currently our of the sizes, colors I'd need.
How about more flat front Benjamin trousers in 34? Only black and charcoal right now.
I lost enough weight where I needed to take in my trousers, turns out the local tailor couldn't handle it and they are now fine in the waist but far too bunchy and room in the seat. Not sure what if anything a tailor can do to fix. Anyways, having to explore the idea of buying all new trousers, looking for insight on the best value for $150 or less. I have Macys, Neiman Marcus, Saks, Nordstroms, Barneys and most major mens designers, though I wont be able to afford the...
Sorry, I worded that funny. I'm not looking at buying a breitling or GMT...just leaning toward those styles. I understand those can't be had for under 1k
Looking to stay under $1000 either new or used. Wouldn't mind going used for a nicer/higher quality watch. Style is open....but leaning towards something like a Breitling chronograph, GMT or classic styles like IWC portofino. Thoughts/pics appreciated
Been very happy with the above vendor. 22% burns the gums like a mother fucker for a few minutes though.
Button's too high, jacket's too long, you don't have the shoulders to support a lapel that wide.. IMO
Another satisfied customer. Great product, great fit, great service. These things were packaged with extreme care - as if they were going to space
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