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Quote: Originally Posted by ALFAMALE 100 grand at harry rosen in one day sounds a little crazy. I highly doubt that has ever happened. Most salesman don't even sell for $1 million in a year until they have developed a really good clientele. I've had a salesman at Banana Republic tell me that he has customers who spend on average $1k there per week....which is also BS because they would own every single piece in the store... plus that...
Tuck in your shirt! Here's my noob opinion: Sleeves 2 inches too short IMO on the first one. Probably 1-2 inches too short on the second. It's too bad they are too short because the side view of the sleeve is perfect. the first one is worst than the second. It might be the untucked shirt but the button stance looks off on the first one...it's really high for a 3 roll 2. I would maybe wear the second one after a slight waist suppression (not much!!). I wouldn't wear...
Shoes that don't have rubber soles. I didn't even know another material existed before I stumbled onto this site a few years ago...
Quote: Originally Posted by Felix Krull If you think any one of these outfits looks good, then you have very questionable taste! I like several of those... I guess I have bad taste.
That's a pretty damn good deal. Go back and buy the other pair if they are new. You can flip them on B&S for more than that. Contact me with the size, I might even be interested...
More pictures of the Hickey Freeman blazer please. Front view... Also, measurements would help
Quote: Originally Posted by Metlin I can see Hermes Man coming up with something like that. Too funny
Damnit, you guys both beat me to it!
I like them. That's a pretty good price. Didn't know about this site. I'll definitely check them out before I buy a new pair. I'm sure you know but those have a rubber sole. Not my favorite but they serve their purpose.
Great Seller! Was able to return a suit I had bought no questions asked and it was entirely my fault that it didn't fit. Ended up buying another suit from him... A++ Prices are not as low as B&S but it's still better than retail. I'm up in Canada where prices are crazy high so I have a feeling I'll be dealing with this seller again.... Also, I like that suit if you can pull it off... wish I could.
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