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Quote: Originally Posted by jasonmarshalljazz ah, i see. thanks for the kind words. as much as i appreciate leffot and what steve does, what he does not do is carry any widths that i can wear. believe it or not these are MTO AE Players. not bad for -300. they fit great. These are much darker IRL than in the picture... right?
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan The shoulders are exactly the same. I think you had to fix the shadowing on the top right of the picture (so left shoulder)...either to adjust the lapel or when changing the pocket... Do you see what I mean? Which makes it look like the shoulders aren't too wide
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan The problem with this jacket has little to do with it's length. Can you spot the fixes? Cleaned up shoulders Lower notch No more ticket pocket Top pocket lowered Straight bottom pockets instead of slanted Edit: lower button stance
Quote: Originally Posted by SirGrotius Mabitex looks like a$$ anyway. Literally... in this case
That..... is...... HILARIOUS ! ! ! ! Unfortunate for you... but very funny for us!!
Quote: Originally Posted by weathernut123 Thanks.... So apart from the length problem with this specific blazer, 36R seems a right fit for my chest? Also, what would be an ideal length for a coat for someone who is 5'10"? The length is definitely the main issue with this jacket. It's definitely a deal breaker. BUT, I also think the back/shoulders are not perfect either. I'm not sure I would wear something like that, even if...
In my experience, there is not a big difference between the $8 pairs and the $30 pairs... I'm like you with sunglasses, I just lose them everywhere. I went through 4 pairs of Oakley's in one summer a few years back. Thank god for the MasterCard Purchase Assurance which replaced the first 3 pairs....last one was after the 90 days... I currently only have one good pair of sunglasses and I never wear them because I know I'll lose them.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Spoo, you always answer with such simple, to the point answers... Very effective indeed
Hey guys, My burgundy penny loafers are my go to shoes during the summer. The pair I currently have is completely finished. I'll wear them for weeks at a time without proper care so they naturally fall apart very quickly (I'm talking beach, parks etc) so I'm looking for a cheap pair. I'm heading to Miami in a few weeks and I'm planning on leaving my beat-up pair at home and just heading to a Bass store (which I've never tried) or a Nordstrom as soon as I'm off the...
You can do better if you don't need them right away...
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