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The simple answer is NO. You will not be a 9 in every single Allen Edmonds model. I wear a 9E, 9.5D or 9.5E depending on the last...
Price drop to $180
Hey guys, My sister is currently looking to buy a watch for her husband and he apparently likes rectangular watches. Her initial budget was $250 but I made her double it to $500 because I know there is much under $250. So her MAX is $500 not a penny more. I could recommend her quite a few round faced watches but I've never paid attention to rectangular watches because I don't like them personally. What would you recommend? Thanks in advance for your input!...
Price Drop to $190
My vote goes to the 0 last too. My favorite are the Walnut Bel-Airs...
I also want the blue suede...and maybe a Dark Chocolate. How much did you pay for the seconds?
Quote: Originally Posted by rlx Looks fine. Fitzgerald is not a suit that was designed to be narrowed at at the waist. If that is the style you like, get the Regent. I've tried on a Fitzgerald before and if I was to buy it, I would definitely get it narrowed... Can you explain what you mean? Is a construction thing that makes the Regent better for narrowing? I'm not following. To the OP: Did you get the sleeves narrowed? Those...
I'm looking for a pair of Allen Edmonds Malvern in a 9.5 E... Dark Grown (smooth or pebble grain) Please PM me if you have a pair or if you've seen a pair on sale somewhere... Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by LVoer There was a beautiful grey flannel Etro suit but still about 1K in 38R, for that price I can get MTM. Not much 38R left. There never is. If you're a 46T or something there is some deals to be had. Are you in Montreal? I was planning on heading there tomorrow but you'll save me a trip if you say there was nothing good in 38R.... Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Joe Cool Why the silk aversion? Preference, fetish or phobia? The silk aversion is due to a silk allergy... Can't wear anything silk. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I have have already added a few to my Christmas list!
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