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Quote: Originally Posted by jrd617 Samuelsohn? That would be my guess too.... but it's just a guess
Quote: Originally Posted by JG000 If I may resurrect an old thread, I too am torn on the black face vs. white face conundrum Buying a watch for my dad for Father's day - and cannot decide on which Any advice? Please don't critique the watch itself - I'm sure Burberry watches aren't fancied very highly here but my father specifically asked for this model and I'm not entertaining any other options at this point I prefer white in...
Quote: Originally Posted by tricky Banana Republic Pima cotton no stretch. Grab a bunch in white and black and you're set. I size down one for a great fit. +1 to everything you just said I also like the dark grey for bumming around the house. These are not the cheapest T-shirts out there and I would say they are probably overpriced BUT they fit me the best so I don't mind overpaying. What I also like about BR t-shirts is that the V-neck...
How wide are those lapels? 3'' ? And I assume the length is from BOC?
You do know that second picture is not of the same watch right? That's a SeaMaster...
Love this. I wish it was a 38R
Awesome review. Any chance you could post pics of the other pieces he has made for you? I'm sure others would be interested as well. Thanks!
Is that the right color? Is it more khaki in real life? Just wondering because it almost looks silver on my desktop and my macbook. Also, has there been any alterations done? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by JG000 Best fit appears to be the Jcrew 38R (in the "action shot"). Looks VERY good for an OTR piece, though I would shorten the sleeves ever so slightly. With that said, the general rule of thumb is find a size you feel comfortable in and then go a size down. Case in point 40 -> 38 I've never heard that before. So... you shouldn't be comfortable in what you're wearing?
That is absolutely awful
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