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Re dinner suit, if you had more time but online from Marks and Spencer. It may not be "sf approved" but it is Thomas Mahon approved and I'd take his recommendation over this lot any day.
The humble French cuff has been around a lot longer than you, I don't think it is going anywhere soon. Plus, it will always be in style if you have the balls and fashion sense to pull it off. Maybe not of you're a uni student heading for a night out, but you'll find it's very acceptable in the business world.
I've got shirts by both BB and RB and I can't tell the difference. Maybe the collar is slightly different, but only marginally.
Sorry, yes I meant Boston Bros. Ignore that comment!Are boston bros made by Rhodes and Beckett?
Anyone know the difference (if any) between the Australian Brooks Bros shirts (as sold by Myer), and the US Brooks Bros shirts? I've got an Au one, but wondering whether I should buy from the BB US website.
Citibank - no account fee, no forex fees, no fee for withdrawing from foreign ATM. Applies to both credit card and their basic bank account. Exchange rate on the debit card is aT the inter bank rate. Free bottle of wine in loads of restaurants if you pay on the citi bank/credit card. Good restaurants too, free wine at boathouse last week.
And the wedding suits, gf said if she's paying $6000 for a photographer and videographer she wants the guys to match.... That's how it is I suppose.
Re shipping forwarders I've used a few, best is hop shop go. They are really cheap, they have negotiated cheap rates with the courier companies and are in part supported by PayPal. I actually sent their rates to another shipping company and they were shocked at how cheap it was. Cost me $150 to have skis and bindings shipped to Au.
He is paying for the suit, I'm paying for shirts ties etc. The cut of the trousers is different between the slim fit and regular. The regular has a lot more material in the legs and around the ass/crutch/ back of legs, which I understand is difficult to alter. I want them all to be comfortable and like what they're wearing... But if we can't find anything that suits then I may pull rank.
To be honest, I'm not sure. He called me after and said it wasn't going to work. It was also the trousers that were v baggy on him, and that having the legs taken in would still have them baggy around the waist.
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