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eckblk's problem with the colour of his boot is not uncommon with A1923. Over the years many retailers have dropped the brand due to inconsistencies with production, colours, deliveries, sizing etc. Add these factors to rising cost of A1923, and it is not feasible for most stores to carry the brand, or to even find stores that want to deal with the possible headaches. There is the perception that the company treats a few stores very well, while all of their other...
I find MA+ to be comfortable right away, and even after years of use they hold up well. Depending on the leather used, Augusta/A1923's can be far more difficult to break in. I have a pair of derbies made of horse that are still slightly uncomfortable after more than a year of owning them. Guidi's are usually fine right out of the box, as long as you get the right size.
The Augusta derbies are grey/green/blue, a nice change from black. The sole is quite thick, and the toe is slightly raised, but it falls after a couple times wearing them. As far as pricing at Serpentine, every pair is either the same price as HLorenzo or less, by 100-200$.
Serpentine has an incredible selection of Augusta right now: the boots mentioned above, the double zips, officer ankle boot (amazing), and the best derby I have seen from him (its a green/blue/grey, thick sole, rounded toe, horse leather). Unfortunately, they have no photos online, but I think if you email them they will send you pics. Also, I think their prices are a little better than HLorenzo.
MA+ run true to size in basically every shoe/boot. The clothing, on the other hand, is not as consistent.
Platypus is correct in saying that each company is playing with the same raw materials, yet they all have a somewhat distinct aesthetic. MA+ certainly have the 'cleanest' appearance, but they wear in beautifully over time, and are suitable for many purposes. Guidi's ,Augusta and CCP have a completely different vibe. For me, MA+ are close to perfect, as the sizing is always consistent, which isn't something I can say for the other high end brands.
No, what I meant was that the large moto is sized like a small, or slim medium, especially in comparison to past sweatshirts . I have no idea who would fit into a small. The proportions seem to be off, and I wonder if it is the same with all of the sweatshirts. i have been buying W+H since it was called Spruce, so I have a good frame of reference for the brand.
Important information for anybody buying the moto sweatshirts: the sizing is way off. I am 46/48 in every brand, but I had to try a large, and I still wasn't a fan of it.
Between Nomad and J + O, Toronto actually has a pretty good representation of EG, especially with outerwear.
The Vest this season is incredible. A massive upgrade over last winter.
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