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Looking for brown business casual shoes to wear with khakis and a dress shirt but having trouble finding shoes that fit. I have a pair of Wolverine 1000 Mile boots in regular width (9.5 D) that fit great. Tried Allen Edmonds on the 1-last (10 D) and Aldens on the barrie last (10 D) and both were too narrow. One of my feet is wide near my pinky toe and it ends up getting smashed. Tried a wider paid of the Allen Edmonds and they just slipped off my foot. Can anyone...
Can someone please recommend a pair of brown plain toe shoes to wear with khakis or jeans < $350? I really like these but they are out of my price range: http://shop.winnperry.com/products/a...xcel-plain-toe http://www.gravitypope.com/shoes/pro...sic-5-eye-lace I've spent a lot of time reading this thread and the streetwear shoes and boots threads but always end up gravitating toward the Alden thread and don't know what to do for this price range. Thanks!
I'm purchasing a couple pairs of shoes for a new job where the dress code is business casual. I'm tired of buying cheap shoes every year and figured I would get nicer shoes that will last/look better which brought me to this forum/post, plus I saw the Chocolate Suede Plaza Cap Toe Boots at LS that I thought were awesome so I figured I try Aldens but for now I just want some plain toe bluchers. Are the calf ptbs at Brooks Brothers Aldens? I was looking at those...
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