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NAMOR or SVB, or Both .. or if someone else posts some pics.. them (god knows we've sold 100+ pairs) .. anyways, Blake is still waiting on this person from RRL to give their final input ..on a side note, I am voting for RKD to get a consolation prize for being awesome for the prize .. i'm assuming we'll select a few leather pieces or shirts or a pant or something really special from RRL that the selected winner can choose from ..I'll do my very best to get Blake on...
I confirm.The Porter seems like the most generous out of all the jackets i've come across from EG .. The arm opening is wider than any of his other jackets .. and the patch pockets intentionally billow out, the slouchy drape is almost magical .. lolThe bedford is a much more structured and close-to-the-body fit than the Porter.
... one last batch ( sizes 30, 31, 32, 33 and 34 available ) $240 - a big THANK YOU to all those who have participated in this thread .. blake, fok and our guest judge from RRL will be deciding on who takes the cake in the upcoming weeks .. so until then, keep posting pics --sam
from the warmth of the sun, to the chill of the snow, hail the size of gobbstoppers oh and the occasional torrential down-pours, this month has been on permanent fuck-you mode .. it's great though. breaks up the monotony .. -- side note: any of you portlander's have any asian food recs? like chinese or korean bbq? just not thai .. there's too much thai in this city ..
^^ Simply Amazing. Love, love Pal'las Palace .. their fabrics ... and colors ... yum.
^^ my sentiments exactly ..well ... i just took some shots of our new FWK arrivals ..
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