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Absolutely will do! It makes up into a great looking shirt that would work well with a nice tweed coat.
Thank you for your suggestion. It could well have been a wool cotton blend. However, it was more cotton than wool, so it was not the traditional Viyella blend. That said, I understand that Viyella now puts its name on other cloths. It's worth a check. I'll be out of touch for several days. Still, further input will be appreciated.
A few years back a couple of London shirtmakers offered a double cuff shirt of flannel/brushed cotton in a light blue and white gingham pattern. Can anyone shed light on anyone making such a shirt today? I'd even be open to having several made if anyone knows of a custom/bespoke maker with access to such cloth. You help will be most appreciated.
Things here in South Carolina are just fine. Stop all your frettin'. Obama is totally behind Boeing. It's just that some people have to rumble a little, in order to keep certain others "happy."
Quote: Originally Posted by rajesh06 GWB used W himself. Don't you recall the car stickers with a "W" and hats that said "W" "The President" Don't recall anything of the kind from BHO. GWB was indeed called Dubya (W) -- by family and friends -- long before he was president. Heck I know several people who go by Dub, Dubya, etc. That is especially true here in the South. My own brother-in-law is nicknamed Dub (has the initials WW) I don't...
I absolutely will NOT use Amex.
My gut also says you are not covered. This is even more likely if the apartment is not at the same address as your father's house. Talk to your father and the agent who issued the policy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire That would be G and B or B and O. Basically, anything but W and O. I've met W (Dubya) on a few occasions and feel comfortable using the name he is called by acquaintances. I have not met our current president, and feel the need to defer to formality and a last name. Then again, I'd just driven by W&O (Marine Parts Supply) here in Charleston.
What I find more interesting is the fact that W and O are tenth cousins twice removed.
Quote: Originally Posted by Southlondongent Did Beckham conduct part of the ceremony then?... Anyway he isn't a proper Cockney. His is more of a nasal Estuary whine... Oh my, I misread. He did NOT conduct part of the ceremony. I was thinking not an East-Ender in the lot of those attending. On the other hand, were the Church to snag him, it might improve attendance numbers.
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