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The Costco nearest my office offers fresh prime steaks for $10/pound, while the one nearest my home only offers choice. One bummer- they take the bone out of some of the cuts, leaving a hole in the middle. I'd MUCH rather cook the steaks on the bone, for more flavor.
A few summer parties has left my liquor cabinet a little low, so I made a couple recent purchases: Milagro Silver tequila - very sharp and tasty for margaritas (3 parts tequila, 2 parts Cointreau, 1 part lime juice, no salt). Cabo Wabo reposado tequila - extremely smooth, complex flavors. My favorite tequila for sipping or mixing. Bombay Sapphire for this summer's official cocktail: The Richmond Gimlet 2 ounces gin 1.25 ounces lime juice 1 ounce simple syrup...
Quote: Originally Posted by Coho does Jantzen charge sales tax and duty charge like mytailor.com to CA residents? I made an order in person with Joe Hemrajani for 6 shirts and didn't realize I had to pay sales tax and duty charge until I saw my latest credit card report. Ridiculous Jantzen is based in Hong Kong and, unlike mytailor.com, does not have any offices in California.
Quote: Originally Posted by bmulford there is a tradeoff - western style pockets wrinkle in unflattering ways that you don't see in slant pockets. What are you talking about?
Quote: Originally Posted by blackplatano Idiotic. Makes me want to disregard all fashion advise ever given. The denim jacket is iconic and invented for men, how can men not were it? Stupid. These outfits are also iconic and were also invented for men. I'm not sure it necessarily follows that one should wear them...
I recommend 1-button over 2-button and peak lapel over notch, but how the jacket fits you trumps everything else - can you try them on (in the right size) ahead of time?
Why would you ever pick a Turkish cotton when there are so many great patterns available that use better-quality Italian cotton? I don't have anything against Turkey - it is a wonderful country to visit. And I'm sure that they can grow nice cotton. But the best cotton mills are in Italy and Switzerland. I would think twice about picking any material that was made in Turkey.
The CNBC clip on their website was interesting. They speak English well, have a solid professional clientele, and are willing to make plenty of special adjustments (including tailoring around a policeman's hidden handgun). I am suspicious of their claims of using all English/Italian wools, mostly cashmere blends, given their very cheap price point ($25 shirts and $300 suits). If I were visiting Thailand I would definitely order a bunch of shirts unless the swatches rubbed...
What does "all things being equal" mean? Equal with what? Saville Row bespoke starts at $3k-$5k but they aren't fully handmade, in the sense of every needle being pushed by someone's finger. Do you mean how much it costs to purchase or what it actually costs the tailor in terms of materials, labor, and overhead?
You keep asking about double vents and contrast stitching/working buttonholes. The former would be an easy way to freeze your a** off (stick with a single rear vent that stops below your butt) and the latter would in my opinion look extremely affected. Most overcoat-weight cloths don't lend themselves to working buttonholes anyways - especially when you're wearing gloves. I would recommend requesting some folds in your side pockets that allow easy access to your trouser...
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