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How do the Iron Rangers compare to the 877s regards sizing? True to size or size even half a size down from the 877s size?
Hi there! Since I have been looking out for some Red Wing Boots on the Internet for some time now and not being able to get some, I am going to try my luck in here. So, what I am looking for is a Red Wing Boot prefered in Style 877, but also looking for some Gentleman Travelers or Iron Rangers in Size US 6 / UK 5 / EUR 38 in a new / worn / used / vintage condition. Feel free to contact me, if you got one. Also, if you know some relatives, who might got one in that Size...
There is only >one< Iron Ranger Hawthrone Model. Photography is all about light, different Monitors give their extra. Just compare all the different Clark Desert Boots colors out there. I bet black is the only true-to-photo color, but still this is not true either.
Quote: Originally Posted by whenever thx for the comments now they fit me well and I dont have trouble in walking or anything but because of the stretching I'm affraid they will stretch a lot and become bigger should i just sell these and get size 7D instead? Think about getting insoles, if they become bigger. Sth. like this: And they will definitely become bigger, especially if u use...
hi there. I ve found this ebay link: Is it possible to achieve this shiny finish with Kiwi on top of obenauf using water polishing on my RW 875? Or is this a bad idea, because it would reduce the effect of obenauf or something else? Or what else I can do to achieve this finish shown above?
Hey. I am going to buy the Red Wing 875. Is this boot suitable for snow and mud? How about treating this Shoe with Obenauf's heavy duty LP? Or would snow seal be the better deal? Can I use the creme on each spot of the shoe, except for the sole, because it is crepe? I know GT would be a better deal, but it s too expensive. regards
To all the Size issues. Look what's written on the clarks official homepage: Quote: This style comes in a narrow fit so we advise ordering half a size larger than normal. Go with this recommendation and your shoe wouldn't be too tight.
hey guys, my first post here =) And i just got a question about the sizing in the GT boot and the 875. When I got a US8 in Timberland boat shoe + Clarks DB and a US7.5 in Timberland 6in boots. What size would I need for these RedWings, is a US8 fine? Are these RedWings wearable in a city at winter, since there is not that much snow but probably mush of snow?
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