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Wow. What a great site. Thanks
That 59 batch looks nice. I might email pepe and ask how long until the next batch
Thanks guys Craig, I can only see a black and dark brown audely in that link. Is there a tan color for sale?
Hi Guys This has probably been mentioned a few times before but are the Meermin Linea Maestro worth the extra cash over the classic line? Im not really interested in paying extra for perfect stiching or hiding the start of the welt but i will pay the extra $$ if the upper of the leather is much better and the shoe and the sole lasts longer. Also, can anyone recommend any captoe oxfords in a cognac /tan colour for less than $400AUD for work? I was thinking of these but...
Thanks for all the replies guys. Do you have the wool variant of bresciani? I'm replacing my cotton socks since I'm known in the office as the guy with squeaky shoes and it's either replace cotton with will socks or keep using talc powder in my shoes to stop the squeek.
Thanks All H.Y shipping is $10 for orders under $99.95 for socks but they only stock the Howard Yount brand (~ $25) . Are these the same quality as Pantherella and Marcoliani? I only ask since they are similar prices.
Hi All , where do you fellas buy your wool dress stocks from? For 3 pairs of socks im looking at over $50 in shipping from STP (Pantherella) and Kabbaz.(Marcoliani) Im in Perth so i prefer to buy international *dont want to pay 'perth' prices for socks. The only other place is Viccel. Are they still good quality for wool socks?
Thanks for all the tips. Most of those attractions i have never heard of since they dont show up in the top200 in trip advisor
Sorry if this is posted before buy from the tmlewin.co,uk site? The geoIP functionality on their site keep redirecting me to the .com.au site where prices are more expensive and i cannot find a private proxy to fake my location.
Hi All I was hoping i could get some of your opinions for my travel itinerary for my east coast route. I will be travelling to LA on 17th October with my wife and 2 kids (aged 1yr and 5 years). We are mainly interested in sightseeing famous landmarks and kid friendly activities. From 24th October, I have ~ 13 days to spend on the east coast and wanted your advice on how i should break up the trip. How many days at each place and should i start in chicago and end up in...
New Posts  All Forums: