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Thanks, i have emailed Double Monk
Hi Gents Does anyone know the shipping price to send a pair of shoes to Spain and the cost for carmina to resole? If this is expensive then does anyone have any cheaper/easier options?
Thanks, what color cream do you suggest for these gold calfs?
No, it was a blonde from HR. I sent them an email with the picture. I dont mind paying for the repair if i caused the scratch but i cant see how walking on carpet could have done that. Additionally it feels smooth over that mark like it was badly tanned... but then again you would think their QC would have easily spotted it if that was the case.
I didnt look, it was dark in the morning. thats my mistake. Does it look like i could have scratched these shoes or just a bad tanning job?
Hi guys I just recieved my group order from Meermin for Gold Museum Calf and the front toe of one shoe looks pretty bad. I cant recall if it arrived like this or its scratched off (i didnt pay any attention and just put them on). I have only worn them for a few hours around the office so i tell what happened. Is this a poor tanning job or is it easily fixed? Or can i contact Meermin for a replacement? 
Wow. What a great site. Thanks
That 59 batch looks nice. I might email pepe and ask how long until the next batch
Thanks guys Craig, I can only see a black and dark brown audely in that link. Is there a tan color for sale?
Hi Guys This has probably been mentioned a few times before but are the Meermin Linea Maestro worth the extra cash over the classic line? Im not really interested in paying extra for perfect stiching or hiding the start of the welt but i will pay the extra $$ if the upper of the leather is much better and the shoe and the sole lasts longer. Also, can anyone recommend any captoe oxfords in a cognac /tan colour for less than $400AUD for work? I was thinking of these but...
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