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Very very niceAre these custom orders because i cant see alligator skin on the website? If so, whats a rough ballpark figure for one of these?Thanks
What buckle do you recommend for the tobacco suede?
Equus Leather have 15% off using code 'FOAL15' Does anyone know where i can get quality dress belts for work (1 1/8") that use good leather and are tanned (or not painted) and under $200? Most importantly it needs to be thin because the ones i have from Equus dont look right on a suit I had the Brooks Brothers ones but the paint started flaking off near the belt hole after a few months
Thanks for the reply. Thinking about it, I dont think they are fakes but im guessing they may be near their expiry date as all the powerhouses i have worn never have much sillage or staying power. Is and reputable? Where do you guys buy your stuff from (excl department stores)
Thanks Yes, im looking for a subtle fragrance with long life and adequate silage for a professional work environment. The only fragrance that has the longevity for me is YSL White Kouros but smells a bit like piss .Maybe im getting dodgy fakes so where do you guys buy your fragrances from? Any recommendations for the below (good longevity and good sillage for under $150) Antaeus YSL - Body Kouros Oscar de la Renta pour Lui Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme Puig...
Hi Gents In regards to fragrance, generally how many sprays and in what areas? ie Two sprays on the neck or chest and one for each wrist? Would you ever spray directly onto your clothes?
Anyone know where i can source (online) a pair of pin stripe tropical wool trousers (flat front /slim line)? I have checked Epaulet and Howard Yount but cant find any. I have all the greys, navys, dark browns, hounds tooth, plaid etc Else, what is a good non plain pattern for smart casual at work?
Try Favazzo near the Hay St mall
Thanks, i have emailed Double Monk
Hi Gents Does anyone know the shipping price to send a pair of shoes to Spain and the cost for carmina to resole? If this is expensive then does anyone have any cheaper/easier options?
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