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Is that Truzzi?
Ah, that makes sense.Still, I have a hard time believing someone outside SF would notice the tie in a bad way, but then again I don't interview people.
Great information!The buttons thing doesn't bother me much, I pick up cheap shirts at the thrift store with MOP buttons for this purpose.Glad to hear the collars are nice, that's the other thing I was wondering about.Regarding the fit, I have had to use a BB ESF shirt for a template, but its not great. They still make the bottom area around the stomach way too big. Is it as slim as a lot of italian shirts?
We don't get that nice of stuff, do you go to the "designer" stores they have, or are they regular stores?
I'm curious as to what this meant.
Regarding the Benjamin shirts, how do the people who bought them compare them to other name brands? (borrelli, truzzi, barba, etc) They look great, I'm just very curious about the fit, construction, and most importantly the fabric.
I find regent PRL at marshalls and tj maxx all the time.
I thought so, why the different name?
Thanks guys I was with member steveoly checking it out. Last year we missed some untipped knit ties that were amazing. The tie rack gets bombarded at this sale, but the tie was in the way back covered by five other. I was going to buy it regardless of brand, but when I saw it was canali I was ecstatic. (sadly, canali is the best brand we have in Omaha)There were a ton of Robert Talbott Caramel ties as well (all $30) But no staple ties (aka solid colors to me)
What's the difference between those and Darltons?
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