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Why on earth would somebody resurrect this thread
This kind of bums me out. I have had nothing but good experiences here on style forum, both buying and selling. I have returned two items when they arrived with damage not mentioned in the original thread, and the seller was extremely apologetic and helpful with the return. While I understand having a "no returns" policy, the seller in question has a policy for random strangers on ebay, but doesn't honor it for someone who has the same interests as himself and is part of...
x2But then again, I come here for the community, rather than a business type of thing.I'm not saying the seller had to accept the item back, but I would have in his position. I would definitely never buy from him again, and if I was asked I would advise others of what happened to me and let them decide on whether it's worth taking a chance on this guy
Whats the retail on those shoes? Also, who does goodwill think is going to buy those? Last time I checked, your typical goodwill customer walks in expecting cheap used items, not $500 shoes...Oh well, when they sit on the shelf for a year they might consider lowering the price.
All the new pairs of shoes I have purchased have tiny marks like this, I assumed it was normal.
Looks like something from Ralph Lauren. I first thought of RL Rugby. It looks like something in a GQ magazine, in a Hilfiger ad or something...
Does it have a backlit screen?
Ebay. The funny thing is they were on there for at least a week at over retail. Been chatting with the seller, directed him to this site, he finds some decent stuff. I'll post a link so everyone can see.
Got a pair of new C&J chiltern for under $250 Will try and post pics when they arrive.
I wear brown ties with my navy suits all the time. I think the colors look amazing together. (i can't think of a time when it wouldn't be ok for business use, unless you are thing to a formal event) I wouldn't wear it to an interview though. For the record i have two solid navy suits, a flannel navy pinstripe three piece, and a solid navy flannel suit. Brown ties and green are my favorite to wear with my navy suits.
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