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x2But then again, I come here for the community, rather than a business type of thing.I'm not saying the seller had to accept the item back, but I would have in his position. I would definitely never buy from him again, and if I was asked I would advise others of what happened to me and let them decide on whether it's worth taking a chance on this guy
Whats the retail on those shoes? Also, who does goodwill think is going to buy those? Last time I checked, your typical goodwill customer walks in expecting cheap used items, not $500 shoes...Oh well, when they sit on the shelf for a year they might consider lowering the price.
All the new pairs of shoes I have purchased have tiny marks like this, I assumed it was normal.
Looks like something from Ralph Lauren. I first thought of RL Rugby. It looks like something in a GQ magazine, in a Hilfiger ad or something...
Does it have a backlit screen?
Ebay. The funny thing is they were on there for at least a week at over 50%.off retail. Been chatting with the seller, directed him to this site, he finds some decent stuff. I'll post a link so everyone can see.
Got a pair of new C&J chiltern for under $250 Will try and post pics when they arrive.
I wear brown ties with my navy suits all the time. I think the colors look amazing together. (i can't think of a time when it wouldn't be ok for business use, unless you are thing to a formal event) I wouldn't wear it to an interview though. For the record i have two solid navy suits, a flannel navy pinstripe three piece, and a solid navy flannel suit. Brown ties and green are my favorite to wear with my navy suits.
There are a ton of thrifters in the twin cities, i can think of three off the top of my head who are experts. (though i, have never meet anyone with the knowledge like nat) IIRC there are at least five or six in this thread who post, and that doesn't count the lurkers. Minni/st paul was full of hipsters when i lived there, so I'm guessing the stores get hit pretty hard ( not to mention the middle aged ladies who practically live at certain Goodwill stores)
This is the first thing I thought of when I saw this new one. In particular, I remember the incredible detail in a button hole (maybe it was on the lapel?) Regardless, the hand work was amazing!
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