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t by wang 49% polyester, 30% wool, 11% rayon, 7% nylon, 3% acetate
hi, i'm still doing itbut i will stop in the end of march because i'm going to study abroad for a year
hii received my order (raf velcros for 249AUD) = 162euro 2 weeks ago, and paid 95euro customs, vat etc., that's almost 60%i have almost no experience with ordering outside of the the EU and i expected much less, but they filled out the customs form correctlyVAT in germany is 19%
the1nonlyfman i have a hugo boss jacket similar to this it's the same season and probably same fabric composition is 70% wool, 20% polyamid, 10% cashmere, lining is viscose it's made in ukraine
i received the reflective pierre hardy hightops today i took a photo with flash in a dark room
you should ask this question in the "classic menswear" section of styleforum. as far as i know they have a thread were they post to identify makers
my favorite collection so far although i only like the white coats, the beige coats and the printed sweatshirts and the printed suitcases
the shoes look pretty deformed, but i liked a lot of the clohting actually
did you guys notice that milan fashion has started, london is already over
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