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"body positive" lol i think this will be used in germany too in the near future
damir doma ss13? runway vest 60% off
have you guys seen the film "la piel que habito" / "the skin i live in" by pedro almodovar? i'm not a fan of his other movies, but this is one of the most exciting films of the recent years imo before you watch it you shouldn't look at the trailer or the back of the dvd packaging or read any texts that contain spoilers it's a drama mixed with psychological horror, the topic is a bit similar to "eyes without a face" / "les yeux sans visage"
t by wang 49% polyester, 30% wool, 11% rayon, 7% nylon, 3% acetate
hi, i'm still doing itbut i will stop in the end of march because i'm going to study abroad for a year
hii received my order (raf velcros for 249AUD) = 162euro 2 weeks ago, and paid 95euro customs, vat etc., that's almost 60%i have almost no experience with ordering outside of the the EU and i expected much less, but they filled out the customs form correctlyVAT in germany is 19%
the1nonlyfman i have a hugo boss jacket similar to this it's the same season and probably same fabric composition is 70% wool, 20% polyamid, 10% cashmere, lining is viscose it's made in ukraine
i received the reflective pierre hardy hightops today i took a photo with flash in a dark room
you should ask this question in the "classic menswear" section of styleforum. as far as i know they have a thread were they post to identify makers
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