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i received the reflective pierre hardy hightops today i took a photo with flash in a dark room
you should ask this question in the "classic menswear" section of styleforum. as far as i know they have a thread were they post to identify makers
my favorite collection so far although i only like the white coats, the beige coats and the printed sweatshirts and the printed suitcases
the shoes look pretty deformed, but i liked a lot of the clohting actually
did you guys notice that milan fashion has started, london is already over
euro mrporter 70% sale etro swimshorts burberry london pants pierre hardy reflective hightops
price incl. worldwide shipping with tracking i'm in germany, shipping takes 6-11 days very rare velcro highs from the SS2009 collection. retail was about 1000USD they are from canvas with black stitches that create a fade effect worn 12-15 times made in italy comes with box size EU45
price incl. worldwide shipping with tracking shipping takes 6-11 days i'm in germany new/ unworn without tags size 4, but fits very small, waist is 40cm retail was +400 euro •100% Cotton Gabardine Construction •Snap Closure Cuff Vents •Adjustable Rear Cinch •Pop Stud Closure Fly •Woven Gamme Bleu Logo •Striped Oxford Cotton Lining and Seam Tape •Moncler Tricolor Locker Loop
best buys: Undercover Joy Division FW09 Hoodie SS13: DVN shorts and vest close miss: Moncler GB SS12 shorts, too slim best beater buy: HUGO (Boss) hoodie still going strong: Raf SS10 pants, SS11 Rafstros and Velcro highs, COS FW11 wool jacket bad purchases: Pigalle sweatpants (they are printed fruit of the loom sweatpants) for 2014: there is some stuff on sale at mrporter right now which i might get when it hits 70% in 1-2 weeks
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