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Price includes worldwide shipping with tracking Jil Sander wool knit from the last season which Raf Simons designed for this brand the body is made from wool, the bib is made from polyester retail was about 700USD worn 4 times, like new pit to pit is 51cm length is 67cm made in italy has only been put on a hanger for the photo has been stored in the original plastic bag comes with this bag and tags
undercover f/w 2013
they do it after they finished an apprenticeshipyes they travel around for 3 years and a day, during this time they are not allowed to return to their hometown.during this time, they also stay at a place for week or a few months to work and they travel to the next place
occasionally you still see the carpenters who travel around here they usually look like this:
I bought 2 pairs of the same trousers from COS 2011/12 they are made from a heavy cotton fabric, with 5% "metallized fibers" i have worn 1 pair of them about 300-350 times, 2 weeks ago the lining of a front pocket where i always put my keys in developed a hole. and today they had a crotch blowout, i'm gonna retire them and start wearing the second pair. this was pretty much the first times i wore till it disintegrated. 3-4 years ago i tried raw denim, but i never found...
pigalle sweatpants
and why does it look like a door handle
do you fly with finnair?i know some people who often use finnair because it's rather cheapfor example a 2way flight from frankfurt (germany) via helsinki to new york is around 600€
stumbled across an old article about fashion in japan "That mind-set is reflected in men's fashion and fashion design. The trend now is for men to look like they want to be fed and/or devoured by women. One of the pioneering brands for that is Lad Musician, headed by the designer Yuichi Kuroda. Lad Musician burst onto the Tokyo fashion scene in 1995 in a glam-rock/low-slung-guitar kind of way, espousing an emaciated, tragic sexiness enhanced by clinging silhouetted tops...
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