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https://shop.adidas.de/product/UW841/O52330/Style/M%C3%A4nner+SLVR+Tape+Long+Sleeve+Tee/detail.jsf first adidas purchase for 4 years
i sent them back already, waistband was true to size, but despite of that the top block was hugeand then tapered heavily (leg opening maybe 16-17cm), looked too clownishi don't recommend buying it
Unworn, with tags, size 52 jersey crew neck T-shirt from Raf Simons 1995 with a printed 'Class of Ninety Five' motif. Cotton (47%), Modal (47%) , Elastane (6%) really nice unusual fabric Chest 21.5 inches Shoulders 20 inches Sleeve length 17.5 inches Back Length 28 inches
Raf dark olive green cotton dress pants tabi socks from MUJI
i ordered these todayand a second pair of the metallic pants
www.park-onlinestore.com (Austria-based) has some items too
i think it bad that they don't continue making rafstros after F/W2011, they were pretty cool, i was hoping to get a plain white or grey pair
are the sequels good too? i really liked the first children of the corn film btw. which are your favorite horror movie themes? mine is this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5zzRV3v-Qw
it appeared in my yoox dreambox againhttp://www.yoox.com/item.asp?tskay=B490DC11&cod10=37284677HH&sts=help80btw. i offer this t-shirt in size 52 (fits true to size) for salereally nice modal/cotton fabric, made in portugal, unworn60USD incl worldwide shipping
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