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you can't say much about the construction of COS items in general if you've only handled one pair of trousers
TBS codes for 40% off CDG Play play-e5396e play-fe61e6
i had 2 t-shirts from this brand from season fw2009 and ss2011they're rather meh, a bit flimsy, get out of shape easily, you have to handwash, production country is not indicatedthe designs look mostly budget-gothninjagot them from asos, 60% off
kind of want cotton pants with full silk lining do they exist (rtw) ?
is there an onlinestore which sells these?
i ordered future beauty a week agoif i like it i'll get this book too
original gats|CallType=Product&prodId=G0D41&des=297&cat=&gender=men&group=&vendorColor=MDE=&season=sale&seasProdID=54Iordered a lanvin silk cotton hoody in beige here is a code for 20% off for sale items: FR20AW4
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