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i think MS007 is in germany toohere tipping is not like in the US, it's kinda optional, but most tip a bitfor example,if you are at a restaurant and the bill is like 9,20euros, most people would give 80 cents tipit's more about rounding up, nobody here does calculation on how much tip you should give in %
these rafs are from a now defunct diffusion line i wouldn't buy them at that price
what is the real brand of the jacket?
i recently bought a 100% linen t-shirt by random yoox brand "KAOS" quality and fit is pretty good, fits tts
hood by air
julian zigerli hoodie with reflective hood and integrated backpack size S
does anyone know more about this jil sander cardigan? i'm interested in info on season, fit and retail price
hi guys, i wanted to say that this is the last month i'll do the proxying because i will go to japan for 10 months from april on. if you'd like to have a pair, i still have brandnew pairs in box in the following sizes 280 (EU43.5) 285 (EU44) 290 (EU45) i'm not able to get any other sizes the price for them is now 75USD incl. worldwide shipping if you're in the EU the price is 42euros or 38GBP or 418SEK incl. shipping shipping outside of europe takes 6-11...
free plokhov t-shirt but ugly DH cotton perfecto size 46
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