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Price incl. worldwide shipping with tracking i'm in germany, shipping takes 6-11 days Made in Italy snake-embossed leather size 45 navy worn often comes with box
yeah let the right one in is probably my favorite vampire movie, i think i'll watch the remake too i like that the film is a kind of mix of a coming of age story and horror this m night shyamalan film was called "the happening"
hmm eraserhead.. there is actually not a single david lynch film i like and generally there a very few films i like which have an overly surreal or dreamlike feel to them. if they are like that, i think they have to have interesting scenery or stages to keep me interested, examples are the old german film "the cabinet of dr caligari" or the french film "last year at marienbad" and i think eraserhead or videodrome doesn't have that
i'll watch alphaville too pretty soon i thinki've seen a lot of older sci-fi films in the past monthsi'm really into older science fiction, next to horror this is my favorite genre, alot of the films i like are a blend of sci-fi and horrormy favorites are probably soylent green, dark city, westworld, logan's run, the fury, scanners, shivers, invasion of the body snatchers, brazilthere a few films in this category which are kinda "cult" films but i don't like them at all,...
when i joined in 2010 every thread was about BoO , CP and APC sizing i rarely browse waywt, but i remember a fitpic by snowman? in which he wore a NDG jacket, shorts and green rafstros i thought it was the best outfit i had seen so far
"body positive" lol i think this will be used in germany too in the near future
damir doma ss13? runway vest 60% off http://www.layerslondon.com/clothing/menswear/outerwear/jackets/waistcoat.html
have you guys seen the film "la piel que habito" / "the skin i live in" by pedro almodovar? i'm not a fan of his other movies, but this is one of the most exciting films of the recent years imo before you watch it you shouldn't look at the trailer or the back of the dvd packaging or read any texts that contain spoilers it's a drama mixed with psychological horror, the topic is a bit similar to "eyes without a face" / "les yeux sans visage"
t by wang 49% polyester, 30% wool, 11% rayon, 7% nylon, 3% acetate
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