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@nn yeah there weren't many western people there when i went to naruko-onsen (really rural area) some schoolgirls looked really shocked when they saw me haha. it was kinda weird i live near kyoto and i don't get much attention because of my foreignness there did you take the last picture at jigokudani monkey park? did you stay in yamanouchi for a night? if yes could you recommend a hotel/ryokan? i plan to go there in december @t3hg0suazn i'm not a big fan of udon or...
i went to sendai in the end of april from there i went to yamadera (near yamagata), matsushima and naruko-onsen
what is your favorite place outside of tokyo?
euro mrporter f/w 2013 leftovers wooyoungmi navy woolblend trousers raf merino gloves
how do your wear your clothes to death when you're basically buying new stuff every week?
some FW2015 items up on luisaviaroma pants look great, but 750euros
the neck is the only place i apply sunscreen
i ordered it for about 70euros but it didn't fit, i tried 39 and 40, i found the fit really weird
camper x bernhard wilhelm but i don't know the season
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