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i liked last year at marienbad better than hiroshima mon amour i found them both boring storywise, but the cinematography and stages of last year at marienbad are great my favorite old french film is probably les robots pensants it's a weird horror movie about a chess playing "robot" les yeux sans visage, judex, and nuits rouges are also great they are all directed by georges franju
i went to JR Isetan Kyoto today, besides yohji, they also have a corner with different CDG lines i also visited nara about a month ago, next to todaiji there is a cool garden called "isuien" yesterday i came back from a trip to naha and kerama-islands (okinawa), it was really nice, but the heat and humidity is harsh, even compared to july/august in the kansai/kinki-area
has anyone bought these? http://www.uniqlo.com/jp/store/goods/086789#thumbnailSelect
hirsh could you post a fitpic with those hotpants?
have you thought about breaking up?
tech addict i don't even use smartphones or tablets
the brand is called "undefeated"
looks authentic
@nn yeah there weren't many western people there when i went to naruko-onsen (really rural area) some schoolgirls looked really shocked when they saw me haha. it was kinda weird i live near kyoto and i don't get much attention because of my foreignness there did you take the last picture at jigokudani monkey park? did you stay in yamanouchi for a night? if yes could you recommend a hotel/ryokan? i plan to go there in december @t3hg0suazn i'm not a big fan of udon or...
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