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So I attempted to place an order for a pair of Monks last week and have yet to receive y invoice to pay for them. I have reached out to Pepe and luisa and have yet to hear back. Could someone please advise if I am doing something incorrectly or if they are just slow. Thanks
Anyone have experience with Oliver Spencer footwear? Looking to buy a pair of the country boots with commando soles made by Sanders and Sanders. How do these compare to others like the Grenson Fred's? Thanks
Can anyone advise if the dark brown nantes grain monks are as dark as they look online? If anyone has a picture of theirs, it would be greatly appreciated
I wore a large in the slim fit +J oxford shirt, could someone please advise on what size to order in the promo oxford?
Can anyone advise on the fit of the oxfords shirts as they are on promo for $15?
Uniqlo's oxford shirt is on promo this week for $15. Can anyone comment on the fit?
I am very interested in the J. Crew Gifford Monk strap shoes in a 10.5. If anyone has any idea where I could get them, it would be greatly appreciated. Best
Anyone have any experience with the Muji Knit Blazer?
Thanks so much for te response. Does anyone have information on pricing? Any info on shirts or sport coats woulda be greatly appreciated
Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has experience having custom made garments in the city of Pittsburgh? I am on relatively low budget, definitely under $1000 for a sport coat, and was wondering if this would be possible and who people would recommend. As noted, I would not be able to spend over $1000 and would like some sort of unconstructed sportcoat/blazer, something similar to a Boglioli. I could do MTM, if possible, and would be willing to settle for lower end...
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