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3 years old broken twill, 3 washes starting to have holes! I'm not really hardcore with them =)
Yay! Love these threads. Thanks Sipang. Crossing fingers that Junya finally moves away from his farm theme. No YSL wtf?
Found some more money!
Well we never know, maybe there is some rich guy here that wants to be like Kanye ;P It's 100% cotton, a bit stretchy. Would fit a regular 31 perfectly, 32 for very skinny style (like me in the picture). Retailed for around $1500.
delete disconnected during upload.
Someone rich (very) interested in the Givenchy jeans? Just wore them for the sake of the lol picture. Gonna put them on b&s soon.
no more money for shoes.
Anyone tried the linen shorts? How's the sizing compared to westpoints?
I'm surprised you haven't posted Undercover Sipang. Felt the collection was really strong! The shoes...
so buy GLUU or what? I've been missing this for months.
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