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Most of the shows :
Yes, I guess it's ok that some people might be pissed that it's nothing exciting and new. I was looking for some typical hedi and he didn't disappoint. And it was also YSL which was good as well. I felt it was very humble for a first runway show under this house. We'll see how it evolves, which he will for sure.
Pants are pretty skinny, angle might not help though.
Tried a very green outfit! [[SPOILER]]
Well you got to admit that Hedi nailed it. :P made me think a bit of that JPG hermes collection a few season back.
Junya collection is amazing. Sporty look and lol fabrics a level ahead of everyone else. and Ackermann killed it.
anyone has access to simons st-foy? what's the dries collection like there?
This print with the westpoint cut would be $$$$$$$$$
I'm glad junya is out of his farm theme. Indeed it was a bit tame but will sell for sure, lots of blazers look very nice. The junya racks from ss 2012 in my city are still unsold even at -60%... worried that fw 2012 will be the same and that the stores drop junya!! Dries Van Noten was SO good. I'm still amazed how relaxed and cool and beautiful the silhouettes were. Saving money already for it.
3 years old broken twill, 3 washes starting to have holes! I'm not really hardcore with them =)
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