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Holt has also the clothing no? Last season at least, didn't check the current one. Ssense in the old port has APC.
Dog is a nice accessory.
Usually in NYC in mid December, what would be the sales at this time? -30%?
Should have mentioned I don't want black or grey
damn all the henleys are sold out in M? crazy. Been trying on almost 10 e-stores!
Dunno if already posted but I found this article interesting:
Dude, there's leather on it. Navy is already sold out though. lol.
Yep per month, it was 30k and 40k.
In advertising, a bachelor in a unrelated field: 1st year : 1760 $ after taxes 2nd year : 2300 $ after taxes Don't go in advertising guys Only good thing is that it's a bit exponential in that field. The step above me (supervisor, two years is possible) is pretty much double this and has bonuses. And the step above (director, I guess 5-7 years) is double the previous one with bonuses And then it goes crazy (Group director, VP, etc.). Anyone else working in...
thanks for the update! I'll call them check what coats they have. Jil sander might be cool as well :P fuckin brisson with their exclusivity on these two brands.
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