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delete disconnected during upload.
Someone rich (very) interested in the Givenchy jeans? Just wore them for the sake of the lol picture. Gonna put them on b&s soon.
no more money for shoes.
Anyone tried the linen shorts? How's the sizing compared to westpoints?
I'm surprised you haven't posted Undercover Sipang. Felt the collection was really strong! The shoes...
so buy GLUU or what? I've been missing this for months.
I bought it, it's a geat coffetable book and a great collectible I think.I'm considering scanning picture for my tumblr, there are some really nice ones and with no clothes on them I could add them on my post on page 2 as well.
What are your plans for the FB IPO?
This tumblr is pretty amazing for MMM. Lots of pictures etc.
I transferred 2000$ to my stock account a month ago and forgot about it. What do you guys would advise? I know it's a small amount but you got to grind from scratch when you can! I only have AAPL stocks (12, bought last june) for now :x
New Posts  All Forums: