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the bay really? in the mens floor? never saw it ;x
Holt has also the clothing no? Last season at least, didn't check the current one. Ssense in the old port has APC.
Dog is a nice accessory.
Usually in NYC in mid December, what would be the sales at this time? -30%?
Should have mentioned I don't want black or grey
damn all the henleys are sold out in M? crazy. Been trying on almost 10 e-stores!
Dunno if already posted but I found this article interesting: http://www.psfk.com/2012/10/online-boutique-anti-fast-fashion.html
Dude, there's leather on it. Navy is already sold out though. lol.
Yep per month, it was 30k and 40k.
In advertising, a bachelor in a unrelated field: 1st year : 1760 $ after taxes 2nd year : 2300 $ after taxes Don't go in advertising guys Only good thing is that it's a bit exponential in that field. The step above me (supervisor, two years is possible) is pretty much double this and has bonuses. And the step above (director, I guess 5-7 years) is double the previous one with bonuses And then it goes crazy (Group director, VP, etc.). Anyone else working in...
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