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lol awesome post thanks!
Hello guys, I tried to search for a similar thread but did not find any. I plan to go to japan for 3 weeks this year and I was wondering what would be the best time to do so? Mainly Tokyo for a first trip. It seems like July and August are extremely hot and humid and don't seem to be the best choice. And the typhoon season is around that time as well. I would be available after June so that lets me with the last 4 months. Any particular reco as which month would be the...
The fit is indeed terrible but none of the jeans fit on ssense are good on that model... Dude has a flat ass.
Beautiful. Thanks!
LN-CC refunded me all the extra that I had to paid. They said that in the sales mayhem, DDP was forgotten on the sheet so they will refund everything extra. Lucy was helpful!That is cool.
nn: It's very warm although temperatures for now didnt go under -15 and at my -15 I was with just a tee and it was fine I'm sure that with a sweater, it will resist agains tthe -30 or -40 in feb/march.
Finally some snow!click for more pics [[SPOILER]]
ordered two stuff from ln-cc : one purchase was 88, duty fees of 38 second one was 340, duty fees of 168... fuck dhl?
Well, the usual stores I guess. Ssense, Holt, Simons, les ├ętoffes, etc...
Oh well, bought a junya sweater and balenciaga tie on lncc. Couldn't resist...
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