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I tried to book a ryokan but damn pretty much everything is booked lol. we actually saved up money actually going to the hyatt. Ah well... not the same but I'll take it. So where do you eat?
Hey guys! Glad this thread is active So I managed to finalize my planning in Japan. We'll go first to Nara for three days. Then Kyoto for 4 days (we'll hit Chihana, the three star restaurant). Tokyo for 9 days (we'll try to go Mizutani) But a break in Hakone for 2 days in the middle of Tokyo, to relax Any reco in these cities? Hakone for food? I'm a bit worried :P
Yes it always runs small. Go a size larger for sure
My holidays were approved by my boss, going to Japan from October 14 to November 03! Can't wait!
This thread is awesome ! Thanks guys :P Still figuring out when I'll go but please continue with food reco :P What about shopping?
lol awesome post thanks!
Hello guys, I tried to search for a similar thread but did not find any. I plan to go to japan for 3 weeks this year and I was wondering what would be the best time to do so? Mainly Tokyo for a first trip. It seems like July and August are extremely hot and humid and don't seem to be the best choice. And the typhoon season is around that time as well. I would be available after June so that lets me with the last 4 months. Any particular reco as which month would be the...
The fit is indeed terrible but none of the jeans fit on ssense are good on that model... Dude has a flat ass.
Beautiful. Thanks!
LN-CC refunded me all the extra that I had to paid. They said that in the sales mayhem, DDP was forgotten on the sheet so they will refund everything extra. Lucy was helpful!That is cool.
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