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Finally some snow!click for more pics [[SPOILER]]
ordered two stuff from ln-cc : one purchase was 88, duty fees of 38 second one was 340, duty fees of 168... fuck dhl?
Well, the usual stores I guess. Ssense, Holt, Simons, les étoffes, etc...
Oh well, bought a junya sweater and balenciaga tie on lncc. Couldn't resist...
Anyone recognize this model?
Growing my junya coat collection! Had a first wear yesterday at -22 and it was warm even with a T!More pics below. [[SPOILER]]
the bay really? in the mens floor? never saw it ;x
Holt has also the clothing no? Last season at least, didn't check the current one. Ssense in the old port has APC.
Dog is a nice accessory.
Usually in NYC in mid December, what would be the sales at this time? -30%?
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