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She stole my hat!
Always a pleasure reading this Colleagues around probably wondered why I chuckled.
Try Luigi Ghirri if you like washed out colors with nice compositions.
Some travel pics with different cameras!
Awesome. I love the style. Thanks and keep it up!
I like big dogs! My dog and another one in the street.
Brought back some stuff from Japan!Look 1FacetasmLook 2Cdg coatUC blazerUC pantsmmm shoesLook 3cdg coatcdg shirtDeets (shirt details, it`s not a white shirt! and different UC conf). [[SPOILER]]
Got back last week-end! Wow! What a trip. Been waiting years and it went beyond all my expectations. Nara and Kyoto filled the relax/zen traditional aspect of Japan and Tokyo blew me away with how crazy but calm at the same time it is. Millions and millions of people and you feel safe, quiet and with the power of being who you want. I'd really recommend the country to anyone! Noteworthy places I ate/drunk : chihana in kyoto, amazing! The chef even came talk to us (well...
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