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Any good stores doing the black friday sale?
So sad it's not working for canada...
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira You are blind or stupid. I'll go with blind.
Didnt see him answer what are the shoes ;(
If only there was this kind of quality boot under 400$
Looks like ssence will open in mid-december. Why dont they get rid off g-star first, i'm afraid it will take way too much space :*(
Quote: Originally Posted by economiayocio I love this watch. I have yet to review it: Amazing watch.
the problem with duo is that it is quite expensive tbh But one of the saleswomen is really cute
bought a blue oxford and already love it. Saw the hoodie in person, looks very nice and fabric is really cool (same as their sweater I think), 145$ at influence u in Montreal (shirt was 105)
Which brands should I check that make officier boots like these CP? (but cheaper and shorter :x)
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