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You can update TNT : theory, YMC, y3, LVC, Nudie, cheap monday, GANT, NSF, cardigan, lots of comme des garcons and some others things.
I saw the cardigans and they are nice, same fabrics t the crewnecks have, I also saw tees and hoodies but only on the lookbook for retailers. Hoodies look very nice.
bought http://www.rodengray.com/shop/popup_...p?type=D&id=61 in navy and pretty happy about it (made in canada heh.. :P)
just been to les etoffes and they have a cardigan from naked and famous + a special barney wool pants (14pc merino), some sale (-50pc) on the flannel pair (just a few sizes left) Bought a very cool simple cotton sweater from wings + horns. They have two amazing rag & bone jackets and some very cool sns herning knits. Didnt see any krane tho (sorry gwydion ).
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol I thought this was a Fred Perry store so I never went near it. It has a decent range of choices for denim (lots and lots of n&f (even shirts and crewnecks) and nudie + acne, cheap monday, diesel etc). Ranging from 125$ for n&f to 300$.
TNT released their lookbook for f/w http://www.tntfashion.ca/download/TNTBook_hi4.pdf
too bad it's L
Quote: Originally Posted by Max Biggavel Appartement Deux is my favorite store, everything else sucks pretty much Is that the store with perry, woodwood and acne near the peel station? It's really small
This thread would also be cool to post sales or deals you see in montreal =)
Thanks for the post! Les etoffes - sns herning, robert geller, dunderdon, rag & bone Simons has lots of things : lindeberg, yahmamoto, y3, barret, PS, dsquared, givenchy, diesel etc Influence u - nudie, acne, diesel I should hit tnt soon so i might update that. You forgot ssense ! (90 saint paul ouest)(in renovations for the moment) Also, you could add the online shop of the retailers? that would be cool...
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