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Well i saw them in person in another store this afternoon, so I bought them
http://www.ssense.com/men/product/rokin/roy_boots/31203 (pic too big)(+ I'm a newb) at -30%, would that be ok? What's the consensus on the quality with rokin?
Thanks for the advice! I'm 6'1 and 165lbs, athletic. I guess I know it will be too big anyways but well.. :x Sadly they dont have the cardigan I'll check the store anyways for the sale, pretty good buying team.
Damn now Im pissed they say they actually only have the L left.. fuck Ill still go to try it on, with some layering, why not.
I'll ask them this afternoon when I buy it, I'll keep you posted =) they carry a few pieces of the collection, nothing from the outerwear tho I think.
local store in montreal. (no e-shop )
I can get the cashmere sweater at 168$, good deal?
Any good stores doing the black friday sale?
So sad it's not working for canada...
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