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Its Mont-royal/Christophe colomb I believe. Nice atmosphere and crowd, waitresses are cute and nice. IF you like rum its the place to go altho I hate their ti'punch (nobody makes a good ti'punch in Montreal anyways, except where I bartend ) here's gmap link : tada
dude the only time I went out in crescent street, a girl literally blew a guy in the middle of the bar during st-patrick day (I think it was at thursday's). And the worst thing is that she kept kissing guys afterwards. Pretty disgusted. :X St-sulpice is cool if you are out of classes and want a big terrace but thats about it, they donc have any good alcohol at all. I heard that for a good scotch menu, there is the vieux dublin downtown, anyone went out in that pub?
Wanted a good isley with no surprises. So I bought the Lagavulin 16. Planning to buy a ardbeg next week! (but super expensive here : 114$)
Bought a margaux mongravey 05. Quite good.
MY mother just gave me that 50 year old 100pc wool sweater. My grand ma did this for my grand pa when they got married Not sure I can pull it off but I found it nice and had no idea my grand ma knitted. http://img225.imageshack.us/i/imagelek.jpg/ Can I pull this off?
faded jeans is absolutely against what brandon believe in.
radio lounge? Ho god. St laurent is a douchebag street tbh, mont-royal has more cool bars (plan B or billy Kun for nice ladies, le boudoir for a nice scotch list. barraca for rum). I also like dieze onze (jazz) on st-denis/duluth.
first pic in that article : http://www.blackbookmag.com/article/...vin-x-hm/22899 women sadly
u & i uploaded their site! Simons laval has sns and scotch and soda, havent seen these two brands in the peel one.
lol I tried 3 items and none applied.. (one on sale, two pair of shoes (none of which were new arrivals)). When do they open their store anyways? thought it was early september.
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