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Thanks for the post! Les etoffes - sns herning, robert geller, dunderdon, rag & bone Simons has lots of things : lindeberg, yahmamoto, y3, barret, PS, dsquared, givenchy, diesel etc Influence u - nudie, acne, diesel I should hit tnt soon so i might update that. You forgot ssense ! (90 saint paul ouest)(in renovations for the moment) Also, you could add the online shop of the retailers? that would be cool...
Quote: Originally Posted by gwydion Check U&I on Saint Laurent. They stock RWs. Seems like we've had an influx of montreal members. Probably should take all this to a new thread That wouldn't be a bad idea, i'm sure a central thread for montreal with every cool store is a good idea gwydion you're on it? :P les etoffes, u&i, influence u, am68, three monkeys, tnt, boutique duo, rooney..
les etoffes is nice yes, lots of nice knits for the moment (and new n&f line), never went to rooney tho! Thanks for the RW tips. I tried the 8 and it was fine so i guess online wouldnt be that bad..
lol halis we'r planning on having the same sick look then :P How much are the RW at UO? (thought it was you who told me that... where do you plan to buy your RW and for how much?) I went to Neon today and they had them for 337... Didnt go to UO since men and shoes are in st-cath. I plan to go to les etoffes soon to try the 14% merino wool and see the cardigans + hoodies
I don't remember seing krane on the shelves but lots of sns, r&b, dunderdon and monitaly as far as I can remember. I'll prolly hit up the store again this week, most likely tomorrow or thursday, I'll let you know!
Is that a good price : http://www.boutiqueduo.com/product/red-wing-boots ?
Since we are in Red Wings question : Isnt that a bit expensive ? http://www.boutiqueduo.com/product/red-wing-boots Any montrealers know where I can buy RW boots ?
I wear snowboard polar tights in extreme cold Works well but yea, I wouldn't wear that if I plan to go out.. a bit of a buzzkill if you undress! Brandon says the pair is great for winter, cardigans et hoodies to be avail at les etoffes in montreal this week.
Quote: Originally Posted by hibbleton so, i'm looking for some reasonably priced boots (in the $150-$200 range) that look good with skinny jeans and will be good for the winter. any suggestions? it would be much obliged. thanks! Im looking for the same thing
i went to les etoffes in montreal and they had a 14% melino wool pair, would that be cool for winter? (at $145) I also heard there were cardigans and hoodies from them, anyone has pics?
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