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Went to u&i and they have a nice rack of EG and JW!
I dig these!
Quote: Originally Posted by siglo vi simons carries junya? are you sure? i would be very surprised if this were true... yes they do.
You can update TNT : theory, YMC, y3, LVC, Nudie, cheap monday, GANT, NSF, cardigan, lots of comme des garcons and some others things.
I saw the cardigans and they are nice, same fabrics t the crewnecks have, I also saw tees and hoodies but only on the lookbook for retailers. Hoodies look very nice.
bought http://www.rodengray.com/shop/popup_...p?type=D&id=61 in navy and pretty happy about it (made in canada heh.. :P)
just been to les etoffes and they have a cardigan from naked and famous + a special barney wool pants (14pc merino), some sale (-50pc) on the flannel pair (just a few sizes left) Bought a very cool simple cotton sweater from wings + horns. They have two amazing rag & bone jackets and some very cool sns herning knits. Didnt see any krane tho (sorry gwydion ).
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol I thought this was a Fred Perry store so I never went near it. It has a decent range of choices for denim (lots and lots of n&f (even shirts and crewnecks) and nudie + acne, cheap monday, diesel etc). Ranging from 125$ for n&f to 300$.
TNT released their lookbook for f/w http://www.tntfashion.ca/download/TNTBook_hi4.pdf
too bad it's L
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