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Do you guys would be happy with a french only clothes store in Montreal? Mfg, kitsune, bleu de paname, de fursac, la durance etc... Would be a e-shop too.
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 Still tastes ok, but definitely past its prime. Heh my parents bought that same bottle when my bro was born, still in the cave They bought a chateau beychevelle (st-julien) for mine !
I saw some APC in holt a month ago. I guess it was the last pairs.
You'd be surprised how many rich people there is in the city :P But Simons usually sells everything on their sales.
Quote: Originally Posted by shoreman1782 +1. Woah woah woah, what's this? I think this jacket has patches (not sure about the term) behind sleeves.
That insane caban from JW is the same price at both stores i think, 1400$ ( ) in simons and u&i. I want it so bad.
dunno if posted but new lanvin at ssense : http://www.ssense.com/men/product/la...trainers/31403 http://www.ssense.com/men/product/la...trainers/31415
Went to u&i and they have a nice rack of EG and JW!
I dig these!
Quote: Originally Posted by siglo vi simons carries junya? are you sure? i would be very surprised if this were true... yes they do.
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