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Didnt see him answer what are the shoes ;(
If only there was this kind of quality boot under 400$
Looks like ssence will open in mid-december. Why dont they get rid off g-star first, i'm afraid it will take way too much space :*(
Quote: Originally Posted by economiayocio I love this watch. I have yet to review it: Amazing watch.
the problem with duo is that it is quite expensive tbh But one of the saleswomen is really cute
bought a blue oxford and already love it. Saw the hoodie in person, looks very nice and fabric is really cool (same as their sweater I think), 145$ at influence u in Montreal (shirt was 105)
Which brands should I check that make officier boots like these CP? (but cheaper and shorter :x)
Quote: Originally Posted by Aaron01 Which Ardbeg is it that costs $114? If it's the Ten, then IMO, it's not worth it. While I like the Ten, I wouldn't pay that much for it as that price range opens you up to some better choices as far as Islays go yea it is the 10y... Thats why im so reluctant to buy it at that price (but I love it), the uigaedail is 140$ and they only have these two Quebec is fail when it comes to buy alcohol, no good rum,...
Quote: Originally Posted by blazingazn which store was this? three monkeys in Montreal.
I think i saw them at 100$ in a store, not sure tho. They looked nice
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