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Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Can't you just substitute it for rum? Honestly, I've never had cachaca in anything other than a cairainaha, but that's basically just a mojito with the rum swap. what kind of caipirinha did you drink? ;x
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnnyLaw They have sales. Maybe they just haven't started yet. Simons is really nothing to get excited about but apparently the Ste-Catherine store sells Nigel Cabourn now (one of only two stockists in Canada according the Cabourn website) so I'm going to have to check it out sooner or later. yea it's near the gant selection. Just a few pieces tho.
I'll check that this afternoon! Gonna check the sales downtown, holt, simons, la baie etc..
Hey guys, I bought some boots and I was wondering where I could buy a good shoe care kit? salt, snow etc... I live nearby tony pappas but maybe there are other alternatives? What do you guys use?
They felt pretty nice, leather and sole. Saw them in a store for 425$, bought them at -30% on ssense. I might take pics when received!
culture, they pretty much have sold everything they have in W+H. A few hoodies are left, a cashmere sweater in L. But I saw a lot of pants.
Well i saw them in person in another store this afternoon, so I bought them
http://www.ssense.com/men/product/rokin/roy_boots/31203 (pic too big)(+ I'm a newb) at -30%, would that be ok? What's the consensus on the quality with rokin?
Thanks for the advice! I'm 6'1 and 165lbs, athletic. I guess I know it will be too big anyways but well.. :x Sadly they dont have the cardigan I'll check the store anyways for the sale, pretty good buying team.
Damn now Im pissed they say they actually only have the L left.. fuck Ill still go to try it on, with some layering, why not.
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