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Haha this is exactly what I thought. Looks like a 'more affordable' hermes collection basically.Very strong.
I'd stay there 6 months to 2 years. (all depends on $$, but my visas would be good for two years max). Agreed, but consumer-wise, the experience in terms of shopping fashion is kinda lacking. My thing would have been to mix a bit of editorial content about japan fashion (doing portraits of the different subcultures there) and a proxy service only for japanese fashion. No problem, any comments are appreciated
Would there by any interests in a fashion only proxy service? I might go to japan for a while and that could be a cool side project for me Would also be a blog about subcultures in tokyo, with portraits and articles and shit.
She stole my hat!
Always a pleasure reading this Colleagues around probably wondered why I chuckled.
Try Luigi Ghirri if you like washed out colors with nice compositions.
Some travel pics with different cameras!
Awesome. I love the style. Thanks and keep it up!
I like big dogs! My dog and another one in the street.
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