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you're on a good start good luck! That shot deserves it.
Thanks to the team for these few days. Was cool following it! Next time i'll be in Japan too hopefully.
Anyone know who that girl is? i've seen her in a lot of pics and love her style.
that little girl shot is amazing!
damn guys that is awesome, thanks for this!
Some memories from a trip in the US west.All shot with an old film camera, on velvia 50 or portra 400.0 editing! Gotta love film sometimes...More below! [[SPOILER]]
Incredible. 1990 Heh?...
Such a great news Synthese!I don't know if there any ways I can help. I have a doc with a LOT of japanese brands (over 100) that I saved over the years of my Japan obsession.What I would love to see are capsules about craftmanship and japanese culture about dressing and creating clothes.As soon as I'm there (late this year or early next year), I'll try to create way more content about japan fashion. I have a project of calatoging subcultures: fashion mixed with arts. But...
This thread does't have enough love ;P
Haha this is exactly what I thought. Looks like a 'more affordable' hermes collection basically.Very strong.
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