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Finally, spring has come and I did a selfie. Old Junya * 2 stone island
I actually saw that guy again yesterday, he had a long work khaki coat too. I guess he likes asian style. (shirt was korean). And a larose hat obv =) Star of tumblr is obviously the all white asian bro lol.
Did some street style in Montreal for a festival.The people I asked to be pictured/portrait ended up being my worst looks smh.... So it's mostly backs sadly At least I have a few girls to show too, less street-style.girls [[SPOILER]]
It's facetasm AW2013, the main season print!
Havent posted in a while (not buying as many clothes as I used to ;p). Attempted an autoportrait with a newly acquired tripod. Facetasm, Stone Island, y3 I know, I still have a psycho face
Ok! thanks. From far away I thought it was a girl so when i tried to capture her, I realized it was a guy who actually look like rick (he was a bit scary lol). Anyway, who cares. Cheers!
Hey! Are these sneakers ricks or MMM? (or something else). There's a toe split.
thx! She also looks so much like a girl in Montreal (that is equally well-dressed). Beautiful and stylish girl indeed.
you're on a good start good luck! That shot deserves it.
Thanks to the team for these few days. Was cool following it! Next time i'll be in Japan too hopefully.
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