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Junya Watanabe F-W 2012/13 from PREMICES FILMS on Vimeo.
up +66% with AAPL! Can't complain. Does square plan an IPO soon?
Yes, I've been hit everytime (4 orders) but always under 25$.
Ahah I didn't see the back pictures from MMM.
Ok so I want these shoes? You think it's going to be in size 42?... damn :P
Rei, we love you :P Yea Sipang, details shots are even better.
JW was interesting although some silhouettes were a bit akward. Coats and shoes were on top though... also I liked some of the dresses that added some funkyness to the show. Wow, Ackermann was great. Fabrics look very very nice. Didn't know well this designer but I'm sold now!
I was thinking when watching ann that this song from chromatics would be perfect. Well I guess it fits well with AF too Margiela and Yohji were cool! Lanvin was nice as well, Elbaz singing at the end must be funny to watch.Junya and CdG tomorrow!!
Thanks Sipang btw for all your posts, that's really cool I loved the balmain women show. I'm afraid that Roustaing is going to suck with Balmain mens (the two collections he did are really way more feminine that what Decarnin did). It looks like balmain men is the french disquared and don't get me wrong, I love Hedi for how he introduced the new french silhouette but that's not the direction Roustaing took and that's not what we need. It's douchey. But! His women shows...
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