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Hey guys, First editorial I see on the new collec : Guillotine Thoughts?
Well thanks for the info
or Montreal winter! So hesitating
[[SPOILER]] JunyaJunyan&ftrickers x JunyaNot sure I'm gonna keep the vest though.
I was a bit disappointed by quality for the price range when I handled the clothes last week.
yea pic please, haven't seen a fit pic except for the holt's one.
Small journey in paris and bought a few basics from uniqlo + shirt from margiela. 3 merino, 1 cashmere sweaters and a merino cardi. Pic sucks
gonna make a second wash of my broken twill after a year and a half. Will post pics if result is interesting.
Past two seasons I think. Currently its far on the back near the stairs for women. Manager told me that all the pieces are now in store, no more stuff to come.
http://commedesbatards.tumblr.com/ About fashion mostly, design, photography...
New Posts  All Forums: