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Are you sure they fit the same? I remember trying tees in Paris and it wasn't the same fit as these ones at all.
Im really sad
Do these tees still exist? I can't find them on any website.
someone in US willing to proxy tees? I'm looking for the premium cotton ones... I'm in Canada. Pm!
If I'm a M in heinleys, should i go with M in tees or S?
so Kapok is closed and u&i won't carry Junya anymore. Simons is receiving the first shipments, it's really douchebaggy right now.
A scarf.
Well Christophe Lemaire was a bit unknown since his arrival at Herm├Ęs two years ago. By choice He designed for Lacoste in the early 00s and managed to relaunch the brand. I feel like he's the french Yohji on this collection, great relaxed fits. Les etoffes (no e-shop!) in Montreal stock him and it's a great pleasure to touch the fabrics he uses. It's all made in France I believe. Definitely something to try !
Yes it's pretty huge.I'll do fit pics later! There are so many possibilities with it. Even works as a cape :PAmazing quality, super warm and soft.Detail pics: [[SPOILER]]
So how much cost a friggin hermes suit? Love the proportions of them, lapels, jacket's lenght, pants... damn.
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