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What are your plans for the FB IPO?
This tumblr is pretty amazing for MMM. Lots of pictures etc.
I transferred 2000$ to my stock account a month ago and forgot about it. What do you guys would advise? I know it's a small amount but you got to grind from scratch when you can! I only have AAPL stocks (12, bought last june) for now :x
Mix of Junya and CDG. From 75 to nowadays. (edited from time to time) [[SPOILER]] Margiela: [[SPOILER]]
I approve a lot this thread as well! I'll post ad campaigns and edits when I can. (massively around cdg and junya).
that two tone leather tote worn as a messenger : I want.
wow thanks! Never would have recognized docs with this style.
Anyone would know what shoes this lady is wearing? Looks like brogues, tried to search for mcnairy but I guess not.
yes, ssense. here
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